Tuesday, 23 October 2018


Here are our current club training sessions:

(All sessions are at Kings East Grinstead unless otherwise stated)

Club Swim Sessions

  • Saturday swimming

There are two sessions on Saturday, both for all abilities. Swim session 1 is 06:25am to 07:25am, followed by session 2 from 07:25am to 08:25am. You can swim either session as the lanes will all be pace-based and the set will be the same for both. You cannot however swim both sessions and if you turn up late please do not join in halfway through!

There is a core strength session in the Dance Studio following Session 1 - from 07:45am until 08:15am.

  • Tuesday swimming

We have one lane booked from 6.15-7.15am for those wanting an early morning dip
Open water swim session @ Weirwood Reservoir nr. Forest Row from 7.00pm May- September

  • Thursday swimming

From 7.00-7.45pm we have two lanes booked for a coached swim session

Club Cycling Sessions

  • Saturday cycling

Occasional coached cycling sessions on first and third Saturday's of the month 8.30-10.00am. Details confirmed to members via weekly Newsletter

  • Sunday cycling

Club ride on 2nd Sunday each month starting at 8.30am and generally lasting around 2-3 hours. A sociable ride with plenty of banter and tea/cake afterwards!

Club Run Sessions

  • Saturday running

There is a coached run session every week 9.00-10.00am. In addition, on the first and third Saturday's, there is an opportunity for a longer run 8.15-10.00am