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    Oct 26, 2017

    East Grinstead Aquathlon Autumn 2017 - Race Numbers and Start Times

    East Grinstead Aquathlon – Start List Race # Name Start Time 1 Victoria Howells 08:00 2 Veronica Bird 08:00 3 Kim Mitchell 08:00 4 Colin Mitchell 08:00 5 Aaron Perrott 08:00 6 Martin Turnbull 08:00 7 Nick Farey 08:00 8 Brendan Murphy Mitchell 08:00 9 Louise Collins 08:00 10 John Ovenden 08:00 11 Marit Sormus 08:00 12 Joshuah Srikantha 08:00 13 Natalie Hoare 08:00 14 Sarah Winn 08:00 15 Rachel Robson 08:00 16 Dwaine Ford 08:00 17 Gemma Kelly 08:00 18 Rachel Webber 08:00 19 Anna McGloin 08:00 20… More....
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  • Oct 25, 2017

    East Grinstead Autumn Aquathlon 2017 - Race Instructions

    GENERAL The event has been sanctioned by British Triathlon and will run according to the rules of British Triathlon. Please ensure that you are familiar with the rules, copies of which can be found at on the British Triathlon website. There are a lot of rules and regulations to adhere to, which provide competitors, race officials, organisers and spectators with a safe, fair and stress free event so please take note and enjoy the event. CAR PARKING The Aquathlon will be held at the Kings Leisure… More....
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  • Oct 15, 2015

    East Grinstead Aquathlon: Run Route

    Our run route takes you in and around the historic East Grinstead town centre. The route is run for two laps and is run anti clockwise. The roads are open to traffic, where possible use the footpath, care must be taken crossing roads, especially in the centre of town. Marshals will be there to enable you to cross safely. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS unless a marshal indicates that it is safe to do so. Run route description: From transition, just outside the pool, follow the path to the footbridge. Cross… More....
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