Tuesday, 12 December 2017

East Grinstead Triathlon 2013

East Grinstead Triathlon Club will be running the 2013 edition of their acclaimed triathlon on 12th May 2013.

The Event consists of three races:

The Classic East Grinstead Sprint Triathlon: a 500 meter Swim, 26km Bike and a 5km Run. The swim is in the Kings Centre Pool and after a swift transition the bike will take you though Forest Row and Hartfield on a challenging undulating course before returning you to the Kings centre. The run takes you on two laps round the historic centre of East Grinstead before you return jubilantly to the finish

The Ladies only Tri a Try: A 250 Meter Swim, 15Km Bike and a 2.5Km Run: This race is a shortened version of the main race for ladies who want want to see what this triathlon thing is all about. Year after year this race proves to be a springboard into the wonderful world of triathlon.

New This year

The Youth (15 - 17) race: Run over the same course as the Tri a Try, this race is looking for the triathletes of the future, ready to start their path to Rio and beyond.

 Enter Here

Sprint Triathlon - £38 (BTF members £34)

Ladies Tri-a-Try - £25 (BTF members £21)

Youth Triathlon - £25 (BTF members £21)


Next year East Grinstead Triathlon Club will be running an Aquathlon on 24 March 2013 at the Kings Centre. The race will be a 500m Swim and a 5km Run on the same course as the sprint triathlon. This will be an ideal event for anyone who wants to gain some familiarity with the course under racing conditions. Entries open 1 Dec 2012


East Grinstead Triathlon 13.5.2018 07:00 151 Days




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