Saturday, 22 September 2018

The full membership is unchanged from this year at £38.00 and, as in previous years, there is a discount of £5.00 if subscriptions are paid prior to 1 January 2016. The Associate membership is £11.00.

Associate membership is intended for those people who wish to retain an association with the club, but will not be attending the club's coached training sessions nor are likely to be competing under the club's name. Associate members are not entitled to any membership incentives the club may offer. If you are in any doubt, please or talk to Cathy (Membership Secretary), email or talk another member of the committee.

This is for members who are actively participating in club training sessions.

(Details of all club training sessions are on the web site)

Price: £38.00

This is for members who do not participate in club training sessions, but who still want to remain in contact with the club, and have access to club training guides and session plans.

Price: £11.00