Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Newsletter 2 February 2018

So it’s all about the Winter GP this week, which kicked off in glorious style on Sunday at the Vale Gallop. First of all, it was great to see so many EGTri members involved, with 19 of us taking part.

Putting the Winter GP aside huge congratulations to Kat Parkin as the 2nd female finisher out of the entire pack (in a time of 52 mins 45 secs) and Lance Quirico for finishing in 2nd place in the veterans’ age group (in a time of 50 mins 4 secs).

Right, so let’s get down to the main business! The first EGTri finisher was Roger Taylor in an astonishingly quick time of 44 mins 38 secs , followed by Mr Chairman Tom Lees (46 mins 6 secs) and Matthew Sargent (47 mins 37 secs).

First female finisher was (you guessed it!) Kat Parkin followed by Karen Mycock (who finished bang on 57 mins) and Rachel Webber, who crossed the line in 59 mins 3 secs.

So what does this mean for the overall results and age groups in the Winter GP? Well to be honest I have no idea and I’ll leave that to someone more intelligent than me and a more detailed breakdown will be available on the website soon (probably after the Time Trial swim), including the announcement of who claimed the Chairman’s special prize.

From my point of view, having not run the event before, it’s certainly the most challenging 10k I’ve ever done and there were some incredibly gutsy and inspirational performances from a number of members.

And in a shameless bit of self-promotion, if you haven’t already seen it on the Facebook group, you can read my race report from my blog here (http://trytotrihard.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/race-report-vale-gallop-10k-2018.html).

In other news, you will see a bit of a push in race promotion in the coming weeks and months.

Perhaps the most effective promotion tool is YOU, our wonderful club members, so please tell your friends to enter (whether they’ve done 100 triathlons or none at all), post the race entry link on your personal Facebook profile (this one https://egtri.com/index.php/race-home) and spread the word on Twitter.

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that it takes place on 13th May because you’ve already got that weekend clearly marked in your diary, haven’t you?

In the next week we’ll be contacting local Tri clubs offering them their very own wave if they get 12 or more members to enter.  If you do have friends at other Tri clubs, there is no harm in giving them a head’s up about this exciting initiative (and we already have several takers).

Just to clarify this doesn’t mean we all stand at the side of the pool and wave at them, it means they all get to set off at the same time!

Spaces are already filling up fast but being the competitive bunch that we are we want to see if we can beat previous records for selling out entries – so get shouting from the rooftops.

And speaking of competitiveness… Saturday is the second event in the Winter GP the 1km swimming time trial. This will take place in both swimming sessions.

Finally, Social Secretary extraordinaire Jane Roberts has asked me to let you know anout the latest club get-together. It’s an 80s Disco (with a live band) being held on Saturday 24th February at the Yoghurt Rooms, Busses Farm, Harwood Lane, RH19 4NL.

This starts at 7.30pm, costs just £10 and includes hot food in the entry price. What more could you ask for?

Right, my fingers need a rest!

Train safe and see you in the pool tomorrow,


PS If you’re reading this on the website or our Facebook page then why not come and join us for a swim or run one Saturday. We’re a friendly bunch and welcome new members of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

We all start at the start so come along!

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