Saturday, 20 January 2018

Newsletter 12 January 2018

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  • Published: Friday, 12 January 2018 12:37
  • Written by David Pawsey
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After overloading your heads and diaries with information over the last few weeks I’ll try and keep this one relatively short (particularly as this is the second time I’ve written this as the first version didn’t save. The wonders of modern technology eh?!)

First of all (after recovering from my violent rage, retrieving my laptop from the garden, reglazing the office window and rewriting this email), it was great to see so many of you at core last week. I was certainly feeling the “benefit” for the rest of the week. So much so, I’ll be back for more this week.

This week’s run “force” session will involve plyometrics - jumps, hops & bounds which develop elastic strength in muscles (so you can run faster, stronger, quicker). Perfect practice for the Vale Gallop! 

If you are yet to attend a run session (yes I’m talking to you!) then you are doing yourself a disservice. The training you put in now will certainly pay dividends when it comes to racing season.

If you are shy about coming because you feel your running prowess isn’t up to scratch then you have nothing to worry about.

The sets are created to cater for all abilities and “force” sessions in particular involve laps or staggered hill sets so running speed and ability should not be a concern (as I like to demonstrate!).

Finally, next week (20 January) is our next committee meeting. If you would like to know more about the inner workings of the club or have any suggestions please come along.

Minutes from our previous meeting are available on the website, as is the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

I think that covers everything (so expect another email containing all the information I’ve forgotten to include imminently) so in the words of the great and the good – train safe and hopefully see you tomorrow.

PS Another swim smooth focused set tomorrow so bring your toys if you have them!

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