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Weekly news 22 December

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  • Published: Friday, 22 December 2017 10:42
  • Written by David Pawsey
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So, after all the (very kind and gratefully received) plaudits of my debut newsletter, here we are on the difficult sequel. They never live up to expectations do they?

Seeing as it’s Christmas and I have presents to wrap I’ll keep this one relatively brief. So I’ll start off with a big thank you to Fran for organising what was a slightly unofficial Christmas do at the London Road Bar and Grill on Saturday night.

It was great to catch up with those that could make it - obviously what happens in the London Road Bar and Grill stays in the London Road Bar and Grill so I won’t be sharing the pictures of head coach Martin Darlison dancing topless on the tables… (that was a joke, he kept his shirt on).

We hope to have a few more social meet ups throughout the year so please keep your eye out for not only the weekly newsletter but also on the website and the club’s Facebook group which can be found here.

If you are on Facebook and are not yet part of the group please ask to be added to the group.

If you are not on Facebook, don’t worry – recent posts are displayed on the website and I will obviously share any important updates through the newsletter.

However, it’s a good place to keep up with any “unofficial” EGTri news or events, such as members arranging adhoc rides together.

Anyway, first point of this week’s “official” news is to remind you about the traditional run around Ashdown Wood on Saturday 23rd December (aka tomorrow).

Unfortunately, I won’t be there but Chairman Tom has asked me to relay the message that cars will be leaving the Kings Centre by 9am and, if you’re not swimming, meeting at Friend’s Clump near Nutley (for SatNav fans the postcode is TN22 3HY) for 9.20am.

This will be an off road run of around 6km. This is a social jaunt for all levels so please don’t use a lack of fitness as an excuse not to come along.

The idea is to be back to East Grinstead for 10.30am-11.00am to then head to Bluebells café for brunch.

After a bit of Christmas Day refuelling there is then the opportunity to race as competitively as you are able at the Turners Hill Boxing Day run. Registration is at St Leonard’s church (RH10 4PB).

This is a four mile out and back run from the Maize Maze area of Tulley’s Farm (across muddy fields) down to the Worth Way, up to Crawley Down and back again.

It’s £5 to enter and starts at 11am. However, if you are entering on the day you need to do so by 10.30am and allow 10-15 minutes’ walk to get to the start from the Church.

And finally, if you haven’t already, make sure you get our entry in for the Vale Gallop, the first event of the East Grinstead GP.

If you don’t think your early season fitness is up to the 10km route, why not sign up for the 4km route and be there at the finishing line to cheer your fellow EGTri members on? Details can be found here.

On behalf of the committee and coaches I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and, as always, train safe.


PS The Kings Centre will be closed on Boxing Day so there will not be a 6am swim session on Tuesday, just in case anyone is that keen!

PPS JANUARY SALE!!! Don’t forget to renew your membership before January 31st to get your discount. 

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