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Weekly News 6 July 2017

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  • Published: Wednesday, 12 July 2017 11:38
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Three main bits of News this week, including a truly epic story from our Far East correspondent “Little” Dave Spence. But first news of another epic race result from the running machine, Juhana Kirk:

Apologies for my recent absence at Saturday swimming, I have had a few weeks of excessive food and beer having completed the South Downs Way 100 mile Ultra on June 10th. Pain without bounds more or less start to finish, beastly hot and little shade the whole way, but a great result 24th place out of 230 finishers in 20:16:41 so I am happy- (only good memories survive, but I am still saying never again!)

What you need after that is some nice easy cycling so ideal to join Fran’s Sunday Sessions:

Last Sunday saw 6 brave souls turn up for some hill reps up (and down) Priory Hill. Tim, Sally, Jane, Juhana, Dave P and Karen did some excellent training as layers were rapidly discarded as the temperature and the number of reps increased. Good job done by all, and lots of thoroughly well deserved cake consumed afterwards.
This Sunday is a TT training session suitable for all abilities starting at 9am from the Horne Park Golf Club Bones Lane (RH98JP). We will be finished by 10am and find the obligatory cafe afterwards!

And so, finally, some great tales from the Far East:

Dear Big Dave, apologies that I have been remiss with updates from this part of the world. Reading your latest narrative on our other club members results has given me the appropriate nudge though to give you my latest updates.

For the past 4 years I have been Xterra Malaysia’s Race Director so my chosen genre of Triathlon leans very heavily towards the off-road version of our sport. In January though I announced that I was relinquishing this role and leaving it to the local team to manage from hereon in. There were a variety of reasons for this but one of them was that I wanted to focus this year on my own racing again and make a serious defence of my Asia Pacific Age Group Champion title that I won last year when I raced Xterra events in Japan, Saipan, The Philippines & Thailand. This meant that amongst other things I’d need more time to train for and race Thailand, New Zealand, The Philippines and Malaysia this year and less distractions like organising a big and important race like Xterra Malaysia which was going to also be the Asia Pacific Championship event this year.

My results for these races have been...

Thailand (Phuket): Swim - 32:45 Bike - 2:33:00 Run - 1:00:27 (30th Overall 1st in Age Group)
New Zealand (Rotorua): Swim - 17:20 Bike - 1:45:31 Run - 59:46 (3rd in Age Group)
The Philippines (Danao): Swim - 31:26 Bike - 3:17:00 Run - 2:05:45 (49th Overall 1st in Age Group)

Sadly, I picked up a wicked injury (which I’m still recuperating from) at this race during the bike leg and therefore I missed the event in Malaysia :-( Thankfully though, despite the lack of points from Malaysia, the current standings for the Asia Pacific Tour look like this This shows me currently leading with 261 points with 1 race (Japan) to go. Unfortunately though, I cannot race in Japan this year (reasons for that will follow) and Kristian who’s in 2nd place at the moment could equal my points total if he wins in Hokkaido at the end of August. If he does he’ll win the tour championship age group title for the 55-59 category on the count back rule where the best score in the most recent race counts in the event of a draw. On the one hand I’m kicking myself for not racing in Malaysia therefore. As I know that I could have finished the course despite the injury and, as a result, picked up a handful of points to make me uncatchable. That said, with a large and infected wound on my left knee which still had 23 stitches and 11 staples in it at the time. Getting it wet (which would have definitely happened at some point) and risk knocking it during the race meant that the sensible thing to do was to watch the race rather than be in it. This was frustrating but in the bigger scheme of things the right thing to do.

So why can I not do Hokkaido? Well like you, as well as Triathlon’s, I enjoy a long run and a good walk ;-) So one of my other passions is off-road Ultra’s and not having not done a fundraising event last year (which I like to do every year) when I focused very much on my selection for Team GBR at last years Cross World Championships. My plan has always been to use the 2nd half of the year to not race but take on a Challenge that would help me to raise funds for causes that are close to me. Therefore what I am calling Project Triple8 will keep me away from Hokkaido.

This Project combines my participation in what will be Malaysia’s and possibly Asia’s “ultimate” ultra and a bike ride. The Ultra is 444km in distance and is known as the Coast to Coast (C2C)in Malaysia ( Because “4” is an unlucky number in local Chinese mythology here though and “8” is a very prosperous one. I’ve chosen to cycle the 444km back in the remaining 2 days of “holiday” that I’ll be taking for this. This is the meaning behind the Triple8 project title as not only will I have to do 88.8km per day for 5 days to make the cut off for the C2C portion of this event I’ll end up with total mileage for the week of 888km ;-)

You can find out more and follow my prep and performance in this Challenge here... 
You can also support my cases by going here...

Being honest, this is the real reason for this note to you now. As given the close proximity of 2 of the 3 causes I’m supporting to East Grinstead and you and my fellow club members, I’m really hoping that you could spread the word about this bit of lunacy and share the above links with our club members and ask them to “like” the FB page and, where possible support not just me but the causes with a small donation. Many thanks in anticipation of this.

Sounds like something well worth supporting?

Finally, as I know you all know, Saturday swimming is 7.30am only

Train safe

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