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I’m going to get the title changed from “Weekly News” to “Random News” as clearly I’ve lost the ability/time/willingness to do this regularly - bit like training really?

So let's start with some belated but nonetheless thoroughly deserved congratulations? Val McLaren continued to excel at the European Masters Swim Championships by following up her PB in the 200m freestyle with a smashing of her PB in the 400m event. If only the organisers had been as good then maybe her family wouldn’t have missed her triumph despite queuing for over two hours to get into the spectator area! Meantime, at the European Triathlon Champs in Lisbon, Annie Sidgwick and Kat Parkin where representing EGTC. Annie reports a great cycle recce the previous day with 300+ bikes under police escort although a wave of over 70 women in the swim meant a somewhat faster start than she wanted! Strong headwind on the return bike leg and tired legs meant a battle on the run but finishing inside the stadium was a highlight.

Kat’s unedited report is below, published with permission and in the knowledge that I need to stop complaining about my insignificant aches and pains;

Good day at office today. I've not been well for last couple of months and struggling with Crohn's disease so it was touch and go whether I would make it here - all very last minute!! Pleased to say I made it to the start line feeling OK. Wasn't expecting greatness as everything has taken a bit of a backseat whilst I get my health under control but, I am pleased with how it went. I managed a PB on all... 24ish on swim which had 8 turn points! (and was over distance...) 1.15ish on bike which included 1km of cobbles, and speed bumps on cobbles also made out of cobbles (carnage!), that was also over distance and a run PB of 42 something. Unfortunately my stomach started failing me on bike and I decided not to stop in T2 but it caught up with me about 30mins into run... So, as has been the case in most races this year, I had to divert off course to find a loo - it's a bloody nightmare to manage when racing and training. Was probably gone about 10 minutes :(   Time without stopping was 2.26.

All said and done I'm mega happy I made it to the start line and happy with my efforts... Health will sort itself out and then it's onwards and upwards!

As I understand it some of you took part in the 2km swim at Weirwood but I can’t locate results - so well done whoever you where! At the Ardingly Tri Festival last weekend, Gary Sims took 13th overall and 2nd in his AG in the Sprint event - getting better all the time Gary! Patrick Highland also got 2nd AG with 7th OA in the Supersprint whilst Liz McLennan leaned heavily on her teammates from Lingfield AC to win the Relay event - good choice of support Liz!

Anyone else out there racing let me know and I can publicise your triumphs to the world!

Martin advised at Committee last night that the coached session for Beginners at Weirwood was well received and that there will be an Intermediate/Advanced session on Monday 4th July - so basically that’s Fight Club in the water! Why not come and join in the fun?

Kim is away this Saturday so Core will be taken by Jan - you have been warned! Sadly I’ll not be there as I continue to walk long in preparation for the Sussex Stride in September with Jackie and Duncan - I must be mad, 51 miles in around 18 hours is the target! There is time for cycling as well so if anyone wants to meet at Kings for the 2nd Sunday Ride this week I’ll be there at 8.30am and we can be out for a few hours? Might head towards Burgess Hill to see who’s at Mid Sussex Tri and offer our support?

Finally, a reminder from Swim-1st Triathlon that there event is on Sun 26th June - details at where all EGTC members will be guaranteed a warm welcome

Train safe

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