Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Post Race Information

I’d just like to echo the big fellas comments with my own thanks for your efforts last weekend, and also pass on the thanks I have received from competitors and British Triathlon officials who were on site on Sunday.

“Hi I'd just like to say thank you to all the organisers, Marshals and volunteers, they were full of enthusiasm, and encouragement all around the course.
I'll definitely be doing this tri again, and will recommend it to whoever I can” 

“Thank you very much for a great race. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. The marshals were fantastic”

“Just a quick email to congratulate you all on another great event yesterday, made even better by the weather with the best day of the year by far (Just two weeks ago I did Uckfield and we on about 5 degrees on the bike!)
 As always the many marshals you have really do help to make the day quite different and special compared to many other events.  One of the nice touches you also have is having the competitor names on the numbers so often the marshals (as well as spectators) will be able to encourage people by using their names.  A really nice touch would be to try to give as many marshals as possible their own “number” with their name (especially first name) on it.  I always try to thanks the marshal anyway, but to be able to do it and add their name as well would be unique I think and allow for a bit of reciprocity!
Keep up the great work.
Looking forward to your next Aquathlon!”

“On behalf of 7Oaks Tri, I just wanted to thank you and all your marshals for the Tri yesterday.
All our competitors seemed to have a great time, including 2 or 3 first timers. The mass start worked really well, and the weather helped!
Many thanks

“Thanks again for organising such a great event. All the marshals were really friendly which makes all the difference.”

“Congratulations on a brilliant event. All the ETC group had a great time.”

“Tried to find you today but to no avail.  Just to say thanks, I had a really good time and feel suitably tired now but I expect not as tired as you do.
Well done.  It was a great event.”

And a couple of comments from the race referee.

I attach my report for the event. Please feel free to comment or suggest changes. I think this was the best one yet.

Taken from the referee’s report:
TRANSITION AREA-Even better than last year. Well spaced out racking, clear signage, excellent marshals. No problems.
MARSHALS-: Friendly and efficient. Special mention please to the 2 marshals manning the bike entrance at Moat Road. They did a very difficult job in a very professional manner. 
A very well organised and slick operation which you would expect after 31 years, only slightly marred by the one DQ.

Thanks again for giving your time so freely, and badgering family and friends to help, we really couldn’t have put on the fantastic race we did without all your help

Until next year!


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