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Weekly News 4 May 2016

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  • Published: Wednesday, 04 May 2016 12:54
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Many thanks to those of you who came along to ride/run with the Race participants at the Race Recce last Saturday morning. As always we’ve had some great feedback about how much the event is appreciated and the time, patience and good humour you all show in helping those novices who are nervous about taking part in their first triathlon - we’ve all been there! Tim and Karen did a number of laps of the run course and Nick got some video footage of car drivers who, sadly, seem to have no thought for other road users!

The following morning half a dozen of EGTC’s finest athletes (or so they tell me) took part in the Steyning Triathlon. In the Long version, Richard Traynor took 22nd overall and third in his (senior citizen) age group with Steve Nash 39th and Kat Parkin 49th and also third in her age group. In the Short distance race (the not short at all) Martin Darlison came home 9th overall sandwiched between the first and second lady whilst winning his (very ancient) age group. Andy Peel was 17th and third AG with Fran Davis 37th and also first in her AG. Great work all of you!
Up next, as you are all aware, is EG Triathlon race weekend - assistance still required with marshalling on Sunday so keep asking friends/relations or just kidnapping strangers whose path you cross! Martin has issued Saturday details and if I could reiterate the need to follow the instructions of the LPG in setting up the field? Minimal work in the shortest time - just like the way he races really - and finished in time for breakfast! Cathy has also sent out Sunday details and again if you could read and inwardly digest those before you arrive that would be great? Do not be afraid to turn up early on Sunday as there are always last minute jobs to do - even just making coffee for the Race Director!
Remember on the day to encourage all competitors but in particular the following new EGTC members who will be in need of an especially big cheer - Jim Cooper, Tash Hope, Robert Moir, Steve Osborne, Gary Sims and Peter Watters. Good luck to all of them and enjoy the day!
If any of you can spare some time the following Sunday I know Paul Hedger would appreciate some extra help with the EG Kids Triathlon? It’s a slightly later start time so you can get some training in before you need to be there! See/contact Paul for details.

There was a last minute scare on the 2016 WGP Results when I had it confirmed that Noel is in fact now a Veteran - much to Emily's displeasure! This had no bearing on the Male Senior overall results as he'd not done enough events to qualify but would it cause a change in the Male Vet category? Fortunately (for me) by the very narrowest of margins Rob Bream still accumulated just enough points to stay ahead of Nick and Roger - so maybe that last sprint at the end of the tri was worth it after all Rob? Apologies for the error which has now been rectified on both sets of previously released results and perhaps we'll get more entrants in the Senior category now he's no longer in it? Feel sorry for the Vets mind you......
Finally, open water swimming has started at Weirwood Reservoir with a club only session on Monday nights 6.30-7.30pm. The water has reached almost 11 degrees (or so I’m led to believe) which Pete tells me is positively balmy - or at least I think that’s what he said?
Train safe

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