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Weekly News 28 April 2016

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  • Published: Thursday, 28 April 2016 09:39
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First thing this week is to remind you that this Saturday (30 April) is Race Recce morning so bring your bike and running shoes along and be ready at 9.00am to take a small group of next week's EG Tri entrants around either the full Sprint or the Try-a-Tri courses. This is generally a well attended event and is very well received by the Race entrants who are always hugely complimentary about those who guide and advise them on the morning. And if you need a further incentive then help out and you get to swim for free this week! Thanks in advance to all of you for your time, patience and enthusiasm.

Congratulations to Tim Coogan who, despite being weighed down by the huge expectations placed upon him as the EGTC official entrant in the London Marathon, dipped under 4 hours for the race. I’m sure he will have tales to tell but I trust you’d all agree that his commitment to become a better runner has been rewarded?

Tim also achieved a win in the WGP Male Senior category even though he didn’t compete in last week's finale event - the WGP Sprint Tri. With Tom and Andrew also absent his results over the previous events where sufficient. Which is just as well as Noel Miles and Juhanna Kirk scorched round the course to take first and second places overall. In the process Juhanna picked up the Chairman’s Special Prize for a 5+ minute improvement on his 2015 time - a very impressive bike leg coupled to his usual fast run! If we can just get him swimming a bit faster…
Rob Bream took third overall and that enabled him to win the WGP Male Veteran prize edging out Nick and Roger. Ding dong battle of the day was between Kat Parkin and Martin Darlison with Kat eventually pipping him on the run - great competitive racing between them. That was enough to earn Kat the WGP Female Senior award but Martin was just short (!) of catching Simon Neave for the WGP Male Super Vet prize. The other WGP overall winner was Fran Davis in the Female Veteran - congratulations to all of them. I should also commend everyone who took part in the WGP Sprint Tri on a very chilly morning - ask Alaric just how cold it was - and also thank those who helped count lengths and Paul Hedger and Ted Swift who helped outside with timings.

Full results HERE

That’s the 2016 WGP over and now you can start on some serious racing this summer? Many thanks to all who have taken part and helped - if it wasn’t for you I’d just be some sad old bloke standing there on my own with a stopwatch and clipboard!

Of course the cold on that Saturday morning was as nothing compared to the first open water swim of the season at Weirwood on Monday night! Whilst the other three lunatics, Martin, Richard and Kathy, did 4-6 laps of the short course yours truly managed just the one! I then pretended to do a few short head-up sighting drills when in truth I couldn’t force my face into the stupidly cold water! After 15 painful minutes I got out and headed for the warm showers - which did mean I missed the hailstorm which hit the others (and Aldo in the safety boat) as they emerged from the water! Anyone else who fancies joining in the fun we’ll see you there for 6.30pm in the water every Monday night?

And so, finally, I don’t need to remind you (but will anyway) of the need to help out at the EG Triathlon on Sunday 8th May! Whilst many hands make light work of the set up on Saturday 7th it's the overall number of volunteers that counts on Race Day - so all friends, relations, children, ex-wives/husbands or kidnapped strangers that you can bring along will be welcomed! It’s the one day of the year when, as club members, there is an expectation put on you to support the club so please do so - or expect a late night knock on your door…..

Train safe

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