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Weekly News 14 April 2016

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  • Published: Saturday, 16 April 2016 20:33
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The thank you's come thick and fast at this time of year and this week is no exception – although there is also an apology for the rather tardy issuing of this weeks News (sorry Val!) - with a big thank you to those who took part in the WGP Hill TT last Sunday and to Rich, Martin, Fran and Steve for helping out at the additional novice Race Prep event this morning.

Gloriously sunny morning for the Hill TT and with a field of 15 a great turnout including some first timers. Roger agreed to help with the timing and be last off and Lorraine joined me in the car to keep an eye on Mike who worked hard on his one good leg around the whole course! The unofficial Stewards enquiry over breakfast (including looking at the 2015 results) confirmed that Roger had done both a good job on setting the others off but also in chasing them down to win the event without any dodgy use of the stopwatch! Particularly impressive was his ability to deal with the interuption caused by Kat's puncture just before the last hill and Tim's broken gear cable at the same time. This mechanical was being offered as the excuse for Tim's disappearance from the podium as he laboured up the last hill to be beaten by both Tom and Kat – but again the post-race jury seemed unmoved! The CSP went to Rob Bream although the Chairman did wonder if he should have presented him with a box of Weetabix to replace the breakfast he lost at the top of The Wall!

Next week sees the grand finale to the 2016 WGP with the Sprint Triathlon around the standard EG course. Set up in the car park by the Pavilion from 6.15am to get in the pool for warm up at 6.30 and a mass start at around 7.00am LATEST! Still all to play for in most categories with Tim and Tom battling for honours in the male senior (and perhaps both hoping Andrew is too busy becoming a new dad to race?) Nick Kay marginally ahead of Roger in the male vet's with Rob just behind but all vulnerable to maybe a last minute attack from Adam? Similarly in the female senior, Kat leads but if Murray's mum or one of several others decide's to give it a go and qualify a bike time then it could all change! So much drama still to unfold – why not come along and cheer them at the finish after the 7.25am swim session? If you are just swimming at that time then you'll need t-shirts and paddles as its a force session!

Of course you will all have to give something back after all that fun and opportunities abound over the following three weekends!

On Saturday 30th its the Race Recce where you get the chance to take a small group of race entrants around the bike and run courses. As one entrant commented this morning, its this kind of offer that makes the EG race unique and such a friendly event to take part in – so come along and be ready to ride from 9.00am and if you need more motivation your swim is free if you help out!

Then on Saturday 7th May its Race set up morning with all hands on the field at 9.00am, following a safety briefing, and we should be finished in time for free bacon rolls at around 10.30am? If one or two people are also available during Registration (1.00-3.00pm) to show entrants around the field set up that would also be appreciated? You should by now have given Cathy your availability for Sunday 8th and details of your role on Race Day will follow shorty – thank you in advance for all your support and don't forget to encourage each and every participant as they pass your position!

And encouraging the triathlon stars of the future is the opportunity at the Kids Triathlon on Sun 15th May at Kings. Paul and his team would welcome any assistance over the day and I can tell you from experience that its an amazing event that deserves all our support. Contact Paul via the Hedgehog Tri website.

Finally, a reminder that open water swimming starts at Weirwood on Monday 25th April – I can't believe I'm going to say this but... see you there!

Train safe

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