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Weekly News 6 April 2016

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  • Published: Wednesday, 06 April 2016 18:37
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Big Big Thank You to start this week to Dave and Karen for organising a brilliant WGP TT at the weekend - even if Mr Chairman claimed to be nominally in charge! I did think of you all as I enjoyed an espresso or two in Florence watching the Half Marathon runners go by from near our apartment before taking a leisurely stroll around the Pitti Palace and the very lovely Boboli Gardens! Tough assignment but someone had to do it!

Anyway, congratulations to winners Adam Grange and Fran Davis who will get a bottle of wine each plus, in a very close fought contest, Simon Neave who wins the CSP by virtue of getting quicker each lap. Well done to all who took part especially lantern rouge Mike Cowell!

This Sunday (10th) it’s the WGP Hill TT which, for those who’ve not done it before, is a social ride of 25 miles around the local area with three individually timed hill sections thrown in for a bit of competition! Fastest combined time over the three hills wins - with the distances getting shorter whilst the gradient increases each time! I will need a helper please who can either ride around, drive their own car or have a lift with me as they choose? We meet at Kings around 8.15am for briefing and numbering prior to setting off at 8.30am. Expect to be back around 10.30/11.00am depending on numbers taking part - just in time for coffee and cake!

The final WGP event will be the Sprint Triathlon on Saturday 23rd April utilising the EG Tri course and distances. We will start the swim during the 6.30am session - nominally 7.00am - with a mass start in the water. Transition will be in the car park by the Pavilion. If you don’t want to take part can I ask you to swim at 7.25am, although coming along early to help count lengths would be appreciated?

I’d also appreciate a considerable amount of help with the Race Recce event on Saturday 30th April. This is the one where we lead race entrants around the bike and run courses and generally allay their fears over the forthcoming event - which I don’t need to remind you is on Sunday 8th May! On the field at 9.00am with your bike and be prepared to ride either the full or try-a-tri course as required please? If you are available to run afterwards that would be great or you can just do one or the other if you prefer? This is a very popular event with our many novice racers and is part of what makes the EG Tri such a great race!

Finally, the Race Weekend itself on 7th and 8th May is, of course, firmly lodged in your brains? Help with setting up the field etc on Saturday after swimming and you’ll get yourself a free swim and a bacon roll! Those new to the club who have entered the Race are excused from helping on Sunday morning - you will be working hard enough with all the vocal “support” you’ll get around the course - the rest of us need to ensure that we have volunteered our services so we can be allocated a specific place to cheer from!

Think that’s all?

Train safe 

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