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Weekly News 14 October 2015

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  • Published: Wednesday, 14 October 2015 19:47
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I have to start this week with the Xmas Party which is on Saturday 5th December - Stuart told me too! You can pay and choose your menu options through the club website.

Thanks to Alex Langridge for a great Tri Yoga session last week as part of Oktoberfest! I certainly got something out of it and we will have to see if we can persuade her to run something on a regular basis?


This Saturday morning we have a Nutrition for Triathletes session from Andy Peel, which Martin has had a sneak preview of and reports that he’s thinking about coming off his “pressed and fermented grape” diet as a result! Andy suggests bring notepad, pen and a calculator (or use your phone) and there will be a chance at the end to sign up for a 1:1 session to look at a personal nutrition plan. This sounds like a very valuable hour so why not come along and make the most of it?


The Oktoberfest event on Saturday 24th will be an Essential Bike Maintenance session with Nick Kay and Steve Boyne. It will not only cover some basic tasks to ensure your precious steed makes it through the winter but also some tips on what you should wear and do to keep you going in all weathers! If you want to bring along your bike please do, although there will be a couple of spares to practice on!


Don’t forget to help out or race at the EG Aquathlon on Sunday 25th and then the final two events in Oktoberfest 2015 are the Turbo set up night on Wed 28th in the Pump House and the mother-of-all Rounders Rematch on Saturday 31st - please note this event is not for those of a nervous disposition!


Bambino’s and Overgliders at 6.30am this Saturday with Arnies, Kicktastics, Swingers and Smoothies to follow at 7.25am. Core as always at 7.45am in the Dance studio.

Not heard anyone’s race news from last week so will have to report my own DNF in the Sussex Half Marathon at Heathfield! The calf strain I’d had a few weeks back had clearly not recovered as much as I thought and was uncomfortable after 2 miles, seriously painful at 5 and un-walkable at 7! Thankfully there was a marshal at that checkpoint who was being ill so I was able to scrounge a lift back in the ambulance to Race HQ. Of course I then had to try to walk to the car and attempted to drive home without changing gear as depressing the clutch pedal was excruciating! Drugs, Ice, Compression and Elevation (DICE is better than RICE!) and rugby on the sofa helped pass the rest of the day - although I have a feeling I’ve used up all my supply of compassion from Mrs Big Dave for the rest of this decade in the process? Anyway, I guess a 100km Audax this Sunday won’t do any further damage will it……..


Train safe

Big Dave

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