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Weekly News 17 September 2015

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  • Published: Thursday, 17 September 2015 12:19
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So in this weeks other News – after all Martin has already stolen the title for his missive on Swim Smooth sessions – first a belated report from Darren Howe on his Dart 10km swim!

Awesome event, great pre "event" briefing along the lines of word for word, "its not a race, so its not a race, and what is it not... a race... so no dishing out beatings to other swimmers at the start, be nice and enjoy the swim".  I'd like to hear that at a few more triathlons. After a chilly, 14 degrees trip down the river Dart following the parade of swimmers and paddle boarders as safety cover I  emerged 2h35m later at the finish, feeling a bit fresh to say the least, but with a big sense of achievement.  One to add to every ones bucket list as a must do.  I'm in awe of the few non wet suit swimmers I saw along the way, in particular how they must balance eating just enough pies whilst still maintaining athletic ability!

Also putting in a recent awesome performance, Ben Houston who completed the “epic” Ironman Wales in 14 hours and some change! Plenty of hills on the bike and run courses apparently and a 1km transition across the beach!

That's not something that our awesome threesome will have to face in Chicago – I don't think? For those who can you can follow their progress on www.triathlon.org/live with UK times as follows; Annie Thu 5.48pm, Fran 7.00pm and Kat Sat 3.44pm – these start times have been supplied by Martin so any complaints.......

Injury update – Mike Cowell is home but still in enough pain to be enjoying the morphine he was supplied with and reckons it will be a while before he's up to much, including getting upstairs!

Finally, a couple of reminders; EG10k volunteers still required so contact timbest1066@hotmail.com and join myself and others on Sun 27 Sept in cheering on many familiar faces as they battle around the local race route!

And no proper weekly News is complete without mention of the Club Xmas Party on 5th December – that's how you can tell this is the real News this week!

Train safe

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