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Weekly News 1 September 2015

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  • Published: Tuesday, 01 September 2015 22:00
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First a reminder that Core starts again this Saturday – so Kim will be delighted to see you all in the Dance studio at 7.45am for 30 minutes of gentle and painless exercises! Please note that some of that statement may not be true! 

What is true is that Pete Holley covered 299km on his trike to win the KCA 12 hour TT 3 wheel category – I kid you not! Awesome performance and really not that surprising, after all it is Pete we are talking about?

Next up a race report from one of the club's new members who is also one of our Foreign Legion reporters, Dave Spence. Anyway, here's his report;

I’m not sure if as an overseas remote member I qualify for a mention in your weekly missive, but as you’ve asked for race result updates from members, I thought I’d drop you this note to introduce myself and to let you know that I had my comeback triathlon this Saturday just gone. This was in the form of Xterra Japan which was being held in the ski resort of Tomamu on Hokkaido. It was my first event for over 3.5 years and having not started doing triathlon's until 2009 I still consider myself a relative novice and so I do not mind admitting it was a very nerve racking way to start my weekend :-) I was delighted therefore that the old diesel engine, after coughing and spluttering at the start (the 14 degree water really did not help me as I have been spoilt with water temperature in the mid 20’s in Malaysia!) I ended up placing 18th overall with a time of the 3:36:06. Given the severity of the course I was pretty happy about this, however, given the amazing youthfulness and strength of the Japanese athletes that were there this was only good enough to take 4th in the “old fart’s” (50-59) category. Being a bit of a competitive beast, I was not too happy about this, although I was happy to learn that there is still more work required on my road to full recovery and to achieve my longer term goals of being better than before.

Well done Dave and look forward to you competing a little closer to home/EG sometime soon?

Tim Lucas shared the club members results from The Vitruvian along with the comment that Tim Coogan still has a lot to learn about pacing – better ask him what he means by that? Anyway, 4:35 for Tim L, 4:49 for Tim C not far ahead of the superb Rich Traynor flying the flag for the “old boys” in an excellent 4:55! Neil Clark's 5:25 saw him finish under a minute ahead of Dave Mycock with Karen home in 6:23 – great stuff all of you!

So, just leaves me to remind you of Southwater Relays this Sunday and, of course, the Xmas Party on 5th December!

Train safe

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