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Weekly News 23 July 2015

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  • Published: Friday, 24 July 2015 13:11
  • Written by Big Dave
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First up this week an apology to Kim who, because I can't read a simple email, sat lonely and bereft in the studio last Saturday morning with no one to inflict pain upon! But never fear, she has promised double agony for anyone who wants to go along at 7.45am this week – I'm not really selling that am I? Be there or be in the pool or indeed somewhere else?

No results this week (that I've been told about) other than the positive PED test that followed Stuart's excellent 50th Birthday Party celebration at possibly the most remote pub in the south east of England. Mind you with a guest list that included Daisy and Mike and Emily Francis its probably best it was away from the public eye? And Stuart's birthday suit was certainly something no normal person should have been subjected too!

Radio silence has finally been established with our two wounded soldiers which has come as a blessed relief to myself and Mr Chairman as our well of sympathy had finally run dry! No news is, we believe, good news and their injuries continue to heal without recourse to further demands upon the NHS - although I believe other providers are available and indeed are being used extensively (and expensively) by one of them? Rumour has it that Tony Martin was in an adjoining room and stories were swapped and critiques exchanged on the excellent cuisine that these places apparently serve? Meanwhile Martin lay forgotten on a trolley in a corridor, or so rumour has it!

I'll be somewhere else next week so the News will be supplied by LPG who has frankly nothing else to do with his time at the moment? Be prepared for grisly details of his suppurating road rash injuries and the injustice of no manufacturer being prepared to make a tri bike with 22” wheels to suit his magnificent frame (that's the Reynolds 506 steel frame he's had hanging in the garage for most of this century as opposed to his own aged and frankly somewhat broken body that has been around for about as long) – enjoy!

Train safe

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