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Weekly News 9 July 2015

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  • Published: Thursday, 09 July 2015 16:36
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Reminder first that there is no core again this week as Kim is on holiday – feel free to continue to practice in the privacy of your own homes!


Next, best of luck to Fran, Joan and Annie as they fly the EGTC flag at the European Champs in Geneva next week – great effort to qualify, now bring home the medals!


Congratulations to Nick Kay and Stuart Lotherington on completing Ironman Nice in very trying conditions and to Mike Sutton who stormed the Grafman middle distance event a couple of weeks back. As always, if you’ve been out there doing the club proud (or just doing it) then let me know and I’ll tell the world!


Check out the forum on the website for exciting news of possible foreign travel in 2016, with a little race thrown in – couple of choices so far but undoubtedly others will follow?


And on the subject of choices… the menus for the club Xmas Party on 5th December are on the website as well so why not have a look, choose and stop Stuart from nagging me, please!


Finally, the news wouldn’t be complete without an update on our two wounded compadres! Martin reports that his bike was a write-off so he’s busy scouring the Hamley’s catalogue hoping to find an appropriately sized bicycle, possibly without stabilisers this time as he’s grown a bit since his last purchase (c.1963). Meanwhile, Simon has enlisted the assistance of his son Jude to help him on/off his turbo as he’s having trouble unclipping with a cracked right ankle bone! Apparently he’s trained him not only to set the bike up but fill water bottles, mop his brow and clean up afterwards – some tough love going on there Si! 


Train safe

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