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Weekly News 29 June 2015

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  • Published: Monday, 29 June 2015 19:47
  • Written by Big Dave
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So this weeks news starts with a Simon Powell update! He's had a quantity of pins and plates put into his collarbone to mend the multiple fractures and reports that this has not only added considerably to his overall weight but improved his upper body strength to "Bionic Man" standards!

This good news was followed this morning by the following from Le Petit General himself, Martin Darlison. The words are his own although they are voiced by an actor....

Given that my training has only gone in fits and starts this year for various reasons and being the very competitive sort of bloke I am, I though I'd throw my crash hat into the ring to compete with Simon for the Crash Of The Year Award...

Riding around Newchapel roundabout towards the end of my Sunday ride and had a car pull out right in front of me. I had absolutely no time to think and smashed into the front wing of the car, over the bars, car still moving forwards I hit the windscreen, which smashed and I carried on flying and landed on my head and back on the other side of the car. Spend the rest of Sunday in a neck brace wrapped up like a mummy in A&E at East Surrey. Luckily all the x-rays and scans were clear and went home. Very very lucky to escape with only a few cuts, gravel rash and bruises. The serious news is the bike front forks snapped clean off, front wheel damaged, few nicks on the bike and a cracked crash helmet, thankfully doing its job well for me. The real victim was the car – dents, scratches and a broken windscreen. At least she can't drive that car anywhere for the time being at least!!

Clearly Mr Chairman will have a hard job choosing between the entrants so far received – and I'm sure he'd like to keep it as a straight choice between the two of them, so no more attempts please! For my money, Martin managed to sustain more damage to his bike so that puts him ahead but I'd not want to influence anyone! I feel I should also point out that as Newchapel is over three miles from East Grinstead we should ask if Martin has decided to move on from Sprint events as that counts as a long ride for him?

Anyway, Martin says he'll be at Weirwood for the OWS session on Thu 2nd July at 6.30pm and would be happy to both coach you on that subject as well as show you his gravel rash!

He also wanted to know if there would be any takers for a Team TT that included himself and Simon – anyone?

Meanwhile, in another part of the world on Sunday morning, a top trio of EGTC members where giving it their all around the Wimbleball 70.3 IM course. Chris Welch was first home in the treacherous conditions in a superb 5:19. Kelly Jarvis was 6th in her AG in 6:07 with Pete Moles following in 6:38 – great job from all of them on a very tough course.

Also doing well is Kathryn Heeley who has qualified for the AG World Champs in Chicago at Olympic distance! That's fantastic progress from a beginner only a short while ago – brilliant!

That kind of progress and result requires dedication and serious amounts of training but, as Sergeant Esterhaus used to say in Hill Street Blues - "Lets be careful out there"

Train safe

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