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Weekly News 5 May 2015

First up a huge thank you to all of you who helped out at the Race Recce last Saturday morning. I know some of you had surprising long(er) bike rides than you expected and I'm also sure Alex Langridge didn't expect to have to run quite so many laps of the tri route? Brilliant all of you and the feedback as always has been fantastic – so proud of all of you. Thanks.

Putting in a fantastic performance on Sunday at the Steyning Long Triathlon were Chris Hale, Andrew Whittle and Steve Nash but most especially Kat Parkin who finished 2nd Female and won her Age Group – great results on a not great day weather wise?

So, now for the main purpose of this weeks news – EG Tri Race details!

The following is from Le Petit General himself;

Please could you bring the following equipment (if you can lay your hands on it) for a quick and comfortable set up on Saturday am...

- Clothes & footwear suitable for the weather and for moving grubby fencing, banging in road pins, building bike racking etc.

- Work gloves

- Club hammers

- Metal cutters / snips

- Brooms

- 2-3 step – step ladders

- Spanners / sockets / wrenches – to remove the Armco barrier (from the drive onto the field)

As previously advised, swimming and core are free to all those who help with the rigging which starts with a safety briefing at 8.45am and then onto the field at 9.00. If we stick with LPG's plan then breakfast should be served at 10.30/10.45am? Cathy will be issuing race positions and timings in a mail on Thursday – remember the time is a latest arrival, so a few minutes before please?

Of course one of the real fun bits of being on duty at the race is the chance to “support” your fellow EGTC members who are donning the lycra? So look out for 7.00am starters Louise McK, Monique and Ted (The Saint), 7.15am Alex Langridge, 7.50 CJ and then a break till Roger at 9.10 followed by Rob Bream and Sally at 9.40 all being chased by Jane Roberts at 9.40am. But the real racing starts at 10.35 when the Class of 86 start as a single wave – although as they will have to share use of the steps to get in/out of the pool it might be bit sedate? Watch out for; Ian Bond, Pete Beddingfield, Kath Garrido, Michael Hardy, Ken Smith, Bill Wates and Eddie Wright. And of course Derek Blackall and Maurice Histed carrying the current purple forward from the past! However, no EGTri would be complete either now or in the past without a battle between Roger Sheridan and Martin Darlison! Is this finally going to be the year of the little fella? 30 years of pain as the song goes? I can't wait can you?

Finally, a couple of advance notices; the pool is CLOSED so no swimming on Tue 19, Thu 21 and Sat 23 May – although we'll still have core and run sessions that Saturday. If you have a few hours to spare on Sun 17 May why not give a hand with the Kids Tri – Paul Hedger and his team will be pleased to see you!

Do you need reminding of the Xmas Party on 5th December?

Train safe

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