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Weekly News 16 October 2014

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  • Published: Thursday, 16 October 2014 06:14
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Congratulations to the Mycock’s, Dave & Karen, who were first back with most of the right answers to the clues in the Treasure Run last Saturday. The removal of one of the answer notices by Sackville School didn’t help any of the teams but they all got close to the final overall answer which was; 30th EG Tri 10 05 15 – which of course is the date you all have committed to memory, haven’t you?

The Magnificent Seven rode out on a sharp Sunday morning and a pleasant 30 mile trip northwards was only prolonged by my need to walk up several hills due to a mechanical (at least that’s my excuse) involving a new chain with too many links! Thanks to all the guys and girls for waiting!

This Saturday mornings fun will be had at Deers Leap when there is an opportunity to dust off your mountain bikes and enjoy the recent wet weather by getting down and dirty! Up there for c.9.00am and cost should be £2.50 each.

Can I also remind you to let Richard Cooney know ASAP if you are coming along to the Charity Quiz night at the Tirana in Lingfield on Wed 22nd? He needs to let the restaurant know about numbers – so contact him 07554113839 or and remember, if like me you are billy-no-mates, that it’s ok to go on your own as we can then makes a team together!

Finally, Saturday week sees a no-holds-barred game of Rounders out on the field and Liz McClellan is, nominally, in charge – I fear they may be tears or possibly blood shed before the final innings! Just like at Southwater this will be an ideal chance for some playful banter and a bit of a run-around so come along and join the fun!

That’s it – train safe

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