Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Club Rules

Club Rules

East Grinstead Triathlon Club 12th January 2009

These rules may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the committee. All changes will be publicised to members.

Serious disregard or breaches of these rules reported to the committee may result in the offending member being expelled from the club. The club's disciplinary procedure will be applied.


  1. Members agree not to bring the club or the sport of triathlon into disrepute.


  1. Cycling: Helmets must be worn. Cyclists must obey the Highway Code and be courteous to other road users.
  2. Swimming: The local swimming pool rules must be adhered to. In open water members must make themselves aware of all specific dangers relating to the chosen location. They must take their own appropriate safety precautions and ensure reasonable safety cover is in place. Members must not swim in prohibited areas.
  3. Running: Members must have due regard for pedestrians and other legitimate users of footpaths, roads and bridleways as well as any other users of the land e.g. farmers.


  1. Members must obey all rules relating to the event they are competing in and compete in a sportsman-like manner.

Club Promotions/Events

Members are expected to voluntarily support club promotions and events in whatever way they are best able. The Committee reserve the right to request attendance at any promotion or event where it feels the club's best interest may be served.