Tuesday, 26 September 2017


East Grinstead Aquathlon: Run Route

Our run route takes you in and around the historic East Grinstead town centre.

The route is run for two laps and is run anti clockwise.

The roads are open to traffic, where possible use the footpath, care must be taken crossing roads, especially in the centre of town. Marshals will be there to enable you to cross safely. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS unless a marshal indicates that it is safe to do so.

Run route description:

  1. From transition, just outside the pool, follow the path to the footbridge.
  2. Cross the foot bridge
  3. At the end of the foot bridge continue along London road
  4. At the junction turn left into king street, crossing the road when it is safe to do so
  5. Turn left onto Christopher Road
  6. Cross the junction with Cantaloupe Road. Care
  7. Cross the Junction with Chequer Road. Care
  8. Turn right by hall and follow footpath
  9. Turn left onto Cantaloupe Road
  10. Turn Left onto High Street
  11. Turn Left onto Church Road, Care stretches with no footpath
  12. Turn Right onto De La Warr Road, cross road with care
  13. Turn Left onto College Lane
  14. Turn Left onto Shady Lane and follow lane to T junction
  15. Turn Left onto Cranston Road
  16. Turn Left into kings centre
  17. On First Lap: turn Left onto asphalt path and follow round St. Georges Field, turn left onto footbridge, repeat from step 2
  18. On Second lap: continue straight on to the finish