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Weekly News 8 October 2015

This weeks Saturday swim features the Arnies, Kicktastics, Swingers and Smoothies in the 6.30am session with Bambinos and Overgliders to follow at 7.30am. Those who came to last weeks very informative Oktoberfest session with Martin and Emily will undoubtedly be itching to put into practice all the hints and tips they received and don’t forget your YTWL!

Following Core (or instead if you are in the later swim session) at 9.00am in the Pavilion there is an opportunity to Tri Yoga with our own Alex Langridge. Alex has promised a fun, easy session to introduce us to the benefits of yoga – without the need to stand on your head or put your own foot behind your own ear! Loose comfortable clothing required!

On Sunday 11th the usual 2nd Sunday ride will be replaced with a special Oktoberfest mountain bike session featuring some skills training with ace MBX rider Darren Howe! Details on the session as supplied by Darren are below;
Suggest we meet 8:30 at the Felday Glade car park next to Holmbury St Mary village hall, sat nav RH5 6PG, approaching on the B2126 turn left at village green triangle and go up the lane down the side of the Royal Oak pub.  We can do a ride around some of the better known single track with time to stop and go through how to ride some of the typical terrain.  Should be able to find a few small drop ins, berms, lots of roots, small jumps etc, perhaps repeat a couple of the trails as a learning point, see who comes along.  Bring money for coffee and cake stop.  If you give names to Fran or Darren so we have an idea of who is coming, Holmbury is in a mobile black hole!

Lots of other exciting Oktoberfest sessions coming up – details on Members section of website!

The EG Aquathon takes place on Sunday 25th October and Pete will be delighted to welcome you as either a competitor or a marshal!

Meantime, don’t forget (as if you would) that you can buy discounted Club Xmas Party tickets online and make Stuart a very happy boy!

Train safe

Weekly News 30 September 2015

Congratulations to those who took part in, and thanks to those who helped at, the recent EG10k. A gloriously sunny morning which is, I feel, always the best kind for shouting encouraging words at those who have misjudged the temperature and are sweating their way around the course with way too much clothing on!  I was positioned at the 8km mark and can report that by then Andrew Drake had given up on catching the three very fast guys ahead of him and just wanted to know if the 5th place runner was in sight! Bizarrely I answered this in the negative and he happily jogged off to cement his place just off the podium! Great to see ex-member (and founder of the Serious Crash Club) Vince Golding taking part just ahead of Pete Holley – well done all!

Meanwhile of course last weekend was the triathlon behemoth that is Hever! Nearly seven thousand athletes, 16 races to choose from, plenty of parking issues, very cold water to swim in and, according to Roger Taylor, a finisher’s buffet that is second to none! Clearly the buffet was the best part of Roger’s race – although he is boasting that he was 3rd MV40 age group for his T2 time! Rich Traynor was top 10 in the MV50 AG in the Gauntlet middle distance event. Big congrats to Jane Roberts who completed her first middle distance race despite having the added burden of dragging Keith around the whole thing! My spies tell me he was the one drafting on the bike – what a guy! Chapeau also to Sachio Shimizu for whom this was also a first try at the distance.  Rob Bream led the EGTC athletes home in the Sprint Plus event which also included; Alaric Marsden, Ben Houston, Mark Francis and Phillip Twiddy. Rob should have been in the Olympic event on Sunday but switched so he could take up a late ticket to England v Wales at Twickenham…….should have stuck with your original plan Rob! The aforementioned Roger Taylor, Kat Parkin, Neil Clark, Tony Caccavone, Seb Archer-Cox and Mick Norrington were all part of the thousand strong entries in the Olympic distance race. This was Seb’s first attempt at the distance after four years of training with the club and a fitting finale as he’s off to work in Kuwait – best of luck and come back and see us when you can?

If I’ve missed mentioning you then I apologise – putting Eat Grinstead Tri Club or similar on the entry form helps, but then so would better eyesight when perusing the results!

Another bit of news that came out of last weekend is that we appear to have another Crash of the Year contender? Kevan Burns has been spotted sporting a sling and the story is that he and his bike argued with the tarmac and his collarbone lost! Which of course brings me neatly to the “King of the Collarbone” our very own Simon Powell who has, once again, been comparing his injuries to those of Tony Martin? Apparently its not age, the skill of the Etixx Quickstep medical team or talent that has allowed Tony to come 7th in the World TT Champs recently only 8 weeks after his break, but that his was only one break whilst Simon’s was five? Clearly the recovery runs that Simon has been doing in the USA (private healthcare is a wonderful thing) and the child labour he is still employing to help him with his turbo sessions is not sufficient! Sadly we won’t be seeing him swimming for a while as we don’t have a “Tin Man” section in Oktoberfest!

And talking of Oktoberfest! This Saturday sees the start of both the specialised swim sessions and the weekly lectures/demonstrations all geared at improving your tri training by concentrating on techniques rather than brute force and ignorance! Martin will re-issue the swim rota for October shortly but this Saturday its Bambinos and Overgliders at 6.30am and Arnies, Smoothies, Swingers and Kicktastics at 7.25am. At 9.00am in the Pavilion there’s all you need to know about the whole Swim Smooth thing in a session led by Martin and Emily – if you want to get the most out of October’s swims then be there! The following Saturday you get to Tri Yoga with Alex Langridge, something which, along with core, I know I really need to be encouraged to do! Also, if you’ve not done so already please let Fran know if you want to go on the mountain bike skills session on Sunday 11th as we need to confirm places with Deers Leap.

Finally, there is still time to either enter or volunteer to help at the EG Aquathon on Sun 25th October – website for entry, Pete Holley to help out. And no News is complete without a Party update and, in his own words; this has come in from Stuart “The Party Animal” Lotherington;

The Tri Club’s biggest social event is finally upon us, the Christmas Dinner being held at the Ravenswood, Sharpthorne on the 5th Dec. This year we are looking to make this the largest Christmas event ever and the Tri Club is sponsoring the dinner to the tune of £10 per person for the first 50 people booked and paid. SO it is only £26 per person instead of £36. In addition to that you will also get a couple of glasses of wine per person.

Webmaster Mike Cowell has finalised the on-line booking and payment system – so log onto our site, order your place and choose your meal now to take advantage of the £10 discount.

Wow, that as they say was a long one!

Train safe

Big Dave

Weekly News 17 September 2015

So in this weeks other News – after all Martin has already stolen the title for his missive on Swim Smooth sessions – first a belated report from Darren Howe on his Dart 10km swim!

Awesome event, great pre "event" briefing along the lines of word for word, "its not a race, so its not a race, and what is it not... a race... so no dishing out beatings to other swimmers at the start, be nice and enjoy the swim".  I'd like to hear that at a few more triathlons. After a chilly, 14 degrees trip down the river Dart following the parade of swimmers and paddle boarders as safety cover I  emerged 2h35m later at the finish, feeling a bit fresh to say the least, but with a big sense of achievement.  One to add to every ones bucket list as a must do.  I'm in awe of the few non wet suit swimmers I saw along the way, in particular how they must balance eating just enough pies whilst still maintaining athletic ability!

Also putting in a recent awesome performance, Ben Houston who completed the “epic” Ironman Wales in 14 hours and some change! Plenty of hills on the bike and run courses apparently and a 1km transition across the beach!

That's not something that our awesome threesome will have to face in Chicago – I don't think? For those who can you can follow their progress on www.triathlon.org/live with UK times as follows; Annie Thu 5.48pm, Fran 7.00pm and Kat Sat 3.44pm – these start times have been supplied by Martin so any complaints.......

Injury update – Mike Cowell is home but still in enough pain to be enjoying the morphine he was supplied with and reckons it will be a while before he's up to much, including getting upstairs!

Finally, a couple of reminders; EG10k volunteers still required so contact timbest1066@hotmail.com and join myself and others on Sun 27 Sept in cheering on many familiar faces as they battle around the local race route!

And no proper weekly News is complete without mention of the Club Xmas Party on 5th December – that's how you can tell this is the real News this week!

Train safe

Weekly News 23 September 2015

Without wishing to tempt fate, so far this week I have no reports of broken limbs or other injuries beyond the usual training/racing strains and sprains that befall those of us of a certain vintage when we indulge in, what some see as, excessive amounts of physical exercise! Congratulations to all of you and let’s keep it that way as the Club’s Welfare Officer was running out of accident forms!

Before we get to reports from the Windy City, a couple of updates; the Swim Smooth presentation planned for this Saturday morning in the Pavilion has had to be cancelled and we will combine the information with the session that will happen on Sat 3rd October – to be led by Martin and Emily. Secondly, there is still time and opportunity to help out at the EG10k this Sunday (27 Sep) – just meet me, Mr Chairman and others in the sports hall at Imberhorne Upper School at 8.30am and you’ll be allocated a job which might include possibly getting breakfast for the pair of us from McD’s!

And so to news from the EGTC quartet at the Worlds in Chicago – and yes it was a quartet and I have to firstly apologise to, relatively, new member Ken Treadwell for missing him off the previous list! Ken, Annie and Fran took part in the Sprint races on Thursday and all reported that a major problem was the heat and lack of shade on the run. This resulted in Fran checking into the medical tent immediately after finishing and being put in an ice bath with a body temperature of 105 degrees! Annie’s mate reckoned the run was harder than the ironman he’d completed the previous year and Ken said it was only the terrific atmosphere around the course that kept him going! But he did keep going and finished a superb 4th in the 70-74 AG! Annie was 21st in her AG and Fran 49th – brilliant job all of you!

On the Saturday it was the Olympic distance races and would you believe that Ken raced again and got an identical result – 4th place! Not sure if it was the same three guys ahead of him again but another fantastic effort! Meanwhile Kat was having, in her words, a totally amazing experience in a beautiful city as part of Team GB! Unfortunately the race didn’t quite go to plan as a calf injury picked up a couple of days before meant a struggle on the run (albeit that’s a relative term as even with some walking sub 54:00 would please most of us?) undid a great swim (26:44) and bike (1:05). If she can stay injury free for the Euros next year then get ready for a much higher placing!

Congratulations to all four of you – hopefully others will be inspired to have a go themselves?

Good Luck to those racing at Hever this weekend – which I believe includes the Roberts clan in Jane’s first Middle Distance race plus others at the plethora of events taking place? Reports next week please!

Finally, lots of Oktoberfest activities coming up, please support these as you’ll all find something of both interest and use in your winter training and 2016 Racing season!

Oh yes, and the Xmas Party is on Saturday 5th December – as if you didn’t know!

Train safe

October Swim Smooth

If you haven’t been in the club for long; it’s worth noting that we cease hard training at the end of September and go ‘back to basics’ with a strong focus on correct technique at club sessions.  It is crucial for us all to have a period of recovery following the end of season and low intensity ‘Aerobic’ and ‘Technique’ sessions continue during the autumn, then intensity increases during the winter and harder efforts are introduced during springtime to be ready for the start of the next racing season.
So “Oktoberfest” (with or without the beer!) includes ‘workshop’ type swim sessions on Saturday mornings.  We introduced the Swim Smooth approach to coaching a few years ago, which is endorsed by the British Triathlon Federation.  A key principle is to identify which Swim Type each swimmer belongs to, then we can coach targeted and specific stroke correction techniques and drills on a more individual basis rather than a 'one size fits all' approach.
A lot of you will already know your swim type, but if you have forgotten or never known your swim type, please ask one of the coaches to watch you swim and let you know the most suitable group for you.
There is some very useful information, videos on each Swim Type plus a questionnaire to help identify your Swim Type on the SwimSmooth website: http://www.swimtypes.com/.  Be aware that you might be a mixture of 2 or 3 different Swim Types, so the results of the questionnaire might not be totally conclusive, but it’s always best to get one of the coaches to watch you.  Remember the allocation is based on the type of drills and exercises that will be most beneficial for your improvement.
If you get to the start of October and still not certain of your swim group, just come along to one of the sessions in the first week, get a coach assessment and we’ll go from there.
To make sure Saturday swims work well, we will use the following arrangements for Saturday morning swims (October only):
3 Oct - 6:30            Group A: Bambinos (in lanes 1-2), Overgliders (in lanes 3-6)
3 Oct - 7:30            Group B: Arnies (in lanes 1-3), Smooths, Swingers & Kicktastics (in lanes 4-6)
10 Oct - 6:30          Group B: Arnies (in lanes 1-3), Smooths, Swingers & Kicktastics (in lanes 4-6)
10 Oct - 7:30          Group A: Bambinos (in lanes 1-2), Overgliders (in lanes 3-6)
17 Oct - 6:30          Group A: Bambinos (in lanes 1-2), Overgliders (in lanes 3-6)
17 Oct - 7:30          Group B: Arnies (in lanes 1-3), Smooths, Swingers & Kicktastics (in lanes 4-6)
24 Oct - 6:30          Group B: Arnies (in lanes 1-3), Smooths, Swingers & Kicktastics (in lanes 4-6)
24 Oct - 7:30          Group A: Bambinos (in lanes 1-2), Overgliders (in lanes 3-6)
31 Oct - 6:30          Group A: Bambinos (in lanes 1-2), Overgliders (in lanes 3-6)
31 Oct - 7:30          Group B: Arnies (in lanes 1-3), Smooths, Swingers & Kicktastics (in lanes 4-6)
Please note the sessions you have been allocated to and make sure you bring along your fins, hand paddles and pull buoy to all of the sessions.  If you don’t own any of these yet, it will be worth getting on-line and ordering some toys as soon as you can.
Members of the Coaching Team will talk through the approach and principles we are adopting with some videos and to answer your questions at the first Saturday morning Oktoberfest event - 9am Saturday 26th Sept for the basics and Saturday 3rd October for detail and Q&A in the Pavilion - so please come along to get the full benefit from October’s sessions.