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Weekly News 28 July 2015

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  • Published: Tuesday, 28 July 2015 20:54
  • Written by 'Big' Martin Darlison
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I suppose the very first thing I should do is 'thank' Big Dave very much for providing me with the opportunity to draft the Weekly News in his absence! As if I haven't suffered enough recently in terms of injury, I then have Dave rub salt in the wounds on a weekly basis. I think Simon and I have inadvertently given Dave more material in a collective timespan of 10 seconds that he would normally get from us in a year. Is it payback time? No, I'm too 'big' for that!

So, I'm sure normal service will resume next week, but in the meantime it gives me and Simon the opportunity to thank everyone for your very kind wishes and messages of concern and to say that both of us are on the path to recovery and look forward to joining you all in training sometime in the future – older, slower but no wiser!!

I've had a couple of sets of results this week, one from the Worthing Standard distance Tri – thanks Andy. It can only be described as a toughie with very heavy rain and a very 'exciting' sea swim, which so often whips up on those south coast Tris. The standard was always going to be on the high side as it was a qualifier for next year's European Champs but very good results from Team EG. Tim Coogan was first home in 2:20:22 and joint 13th in AG, followed by Roger Taylor 24th in his AG in 2:30:57 just scraping in ahead of Kat Parkin with an incredible 5th place in 2:31:37 and closely followed by Andy Peel in 2:34:03 and 26th in AG. Well done on getting through a really tough day and hope you've dried out.

Meanwhile, across Europe with the other weather extreme, Fran Davis followed up her success at the Euro Sprint Champs in Geneva, with a second GBR outing only one week later in the European Cross Triathlon Champs in Schluchsee in the German Black Forest. As the title suggests, this is more like 'Extreme Triathlon' consisting of a 1.7km lake swim, 32k cross country mountain bike and 11km cross country run. The heatwave continued in that part of Europe with temperatures around 38-40C then a storm broke on a humid race day making the course extremely muddy and treacherous on the sharp descents, reduced to walking pace for sections of it. It was more like a race of attrition, but Fran did extremely well to finish in 4:08, 7th in her AG and 3rd out of the female Brits who travelled. She was heard to say 'that was great fun' before collapsing in a dehydrated heap on the finish line!

And finally, a couple of dates for the diary for some club training sessions during August; I'm hosting another OWS Race Skills Session at Weir Wood on Thursday 20 August to develop open water sighting, navigating, drafting, group swimming and mass start skills. This is followed by a Transition Training Session on Saturday 29 August to refine efficiency for those late season events and a chance to finish a place or two higher in your Age Group without the need to get fitter. Maybe one for you Tim C!?! More details to follow.

Well, I've done my job and filled up a page, so handing back to Big Dave for next week...

Please train very safe

Big Martin

Weekly News 23 July 2015

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  • Published: Friday, 24 July 2015 13:11
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First up this week an apology to Kim who, because I can't read a simple email, sat lonely and bereft in the studio last Saturday morning with no one to inflict pain upon! But never fear, she has promised double agony for anyone who wants to go along at 7.45am this week – I'm not really selling that am I? Be there or be in the pool or indeed somewhere else?

No results this week (that I've been told about) other than the positive PED test that followed Stuart's excellent 50th Birthday Party celebration at possibly the most remote pub in the south east of England. Mind you with a guest list that included Daisy and Mike and Emily Francis its probably best it was away from the public eye? And Stuart's birthday suit was certainly something no normal person should have been subjected too!

Radio silence has finally been established with our two wounded soldiers which has come as a blessed relief to myself and Mr Chairman as our well of sympathy had finally run dry! No news is, we believe, good news and their injuries continue to heal without recourse to further demands upon the NHS - although I believe other providers are available and indeed are being used extensively (and expensively) by one of them? Rumour has it that Tony Martin was in an adjoining room and stories were swapped and critiques exchanged on the excellent cuisine that these places apparently serve? Meanwhile Martin lay forgotten on a trolley in a corridor, or so rumour has it!

I'll be somewhere else next week so the News will be supplied by LPG who has frankly nothing else to do with his time at the moment? Be prepared for grisly details of his suppurating road rash injuries and the injustice of no manufacturer being prepared to make a tri bike with 22” wheels to suit his magnificent frame (that's the Reynolds 506 steel frame he's had hanging in the garage for most of this century as opposed to his own aged and frankly somewhat broken body that has been around for about as long) – enjoy!

Train safe

Weekly News 16 July 2015

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  • Published: Friday, 17 July 2015 06:23
  • Written by Big Dave
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So although they claim their news isn't the most important thing this week I felt I'd start with our injured twosome and perhaps add to their recovery by including an interpretation of their own words by Mr Chairman whose comments are, as always, voiced by an actor;

Simon “Tony Martin” Powell comments “Simon continues to mend slowly” which, of course, translates according to Rich as “Simon continues to swim slowly”. Meanwhile Martin “Fabian Cancellara” Darlison says, “setback, in hospital over weekend, beginning to improve not very mobile yet”. Slightly trickier to interpret but fortunately our glorious leader is able to assist as follows - “Martin was feeling left out as he hadn't raced much this year so he decided to get in on the act. After trying to throw himself through the windscreen of a car his injuries were not as bad as Simon's and he didn't need any operations. Realising that his attempt to win Crash of the Year was looking a little shoddy, he picked his scabs and guaranteed an infection! He then one upped Crasher by requiring an emergency operation!” Mr Chairman considers this to be 15 all so far – lets see who wins the next crucial points?

Anyway, onto the more important News!

Geoff Larkin completed his first long distance race, the Bastion @ Hever in 14:48! Geoff would like to thank all the EGTC coaches and his training buddies Tom and Roger – even more impressed with your result now we know who helped along the way Geoff!

Also posting impressive results in Geneva was the EGTC European Championships triumvirate of Fran, Annie and Joan. Great efforts from each of them in their AG's with Fran 13th and Annie 9th in the Sprint event whilst Joan was 17th in the Olympic on Sunday.

I'm sure lots of others were out there racing but if you don't let me know I can't post it!

No Core again this Saturday as Kim continues to enjoy a well earned rest from trying to teach Maurice to balance on the Swiss balls!

As always, Xmas party reminder for Sat 5th December – along with Happy Birthday to Stuart!

Train safe

Cycling / Bike Fit Tips

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  • Published: Friday, 17 July 2015 19:24
  • Written by Portland Physiotherapy
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Cycling / Bike Fit Tips

The Tour De France has recently started and if you ever get a chance to watch any of the stages it is truly phenomenal. The speed, power, endurance and fitness training they must have gone through has to be admired. Events like the Tour have inspired more cycling in this country as we are probably more than aware of as we get stuck behind a group of cyclists on a Saturday or Sunday!

  •  Some of our clients are aware that Sian’s nephew, Tom Davies, has taken his cycling beyond that of most of us and is attempting to become the youngest person to cycle around the world for charity. He has reached Sydney having travelled through Europe, India and South East Asia (unsupported) covering 10800 miles in 105 days. He hopes to complete the 18000 miles in 200 days. Despite all of these miles he has only had a few problems with knee pain.
    Before we venture out on our bikes there are a couple of points to consider, is our bike roadworthy and are we ready and able. Cycling is a good all round way of keeping fit but we are vulnerable to injuries. These injuries can include neck, back, knee and ankle joints. Neural problems within the wrist or even problems associated with the saddle such as bursitis, chaffing and even impotence. We also have to consider traumatic injuries after a fall.
    The bike fit is very important. There are several sites on the internet to help with frame size calculation, the most helpful being epicycles.com/bicycletools/frame-size. Once we have the correct frame there are 3 points of contact to consider and ‘tweak’, the handlebars, pedals and saddle.
  • handlebars- too far away may lead to neck, shoulder or back pain.
    - too near will give a loss of power and a cramped feeling.
  • Saddle- this can be adjusted up and down for height, moved forward and back as well as being tilted.
  • Pedals and cleats-these can be adjusted by rotating in and out and an addition of wedges may help with foot position.
    A few other basic points to help with your bike set up include a knee position of 30° from fully straight to prevent ITB problems. However if the knee is bent more than this anterior knee pain may be the result. Arms at the shoulder should be at 90° to the trunk and the elbow at 15°.
    This is only a short introduction to help with your bike fit, however problems may not be wholly as a result of the bike, there may be issues within your body such as, leg length difference, lower back stiffness along with many other biomechanical issues in the lower leg. If you are having trouble out on your bike why not make an appointment to have a check up? Sian has been on a bike fit course this year.
    If you are interested you can check Tom’s progress on his website tomdaviesrtw.com where you will find his daily blog, route itinerary and the charities he is supporting.
  • So whilst Sian's nephew peddles his way round the world, Sian herself is off with her bike to the French Alps which she thoroughly enjoys. I am tackling a days mountain biking in Montenegro and then a three day cycling trip in The Somiedo Mountains, Spain in early September.

Wishing you all a happy summer holidays whether its active or lazing the days away!

Reproduced with kind permission of Portland Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

Weekly News 9 July 2015

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  • Published: Thursday, 09 July 2015 16:36
  • Written by Big Dave
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Reminder first that there is no core again this week as Kim is on holiday – feel free to continue to practice in the privacy of your own homes!


Next, best of luck to Fran, Joan and Annie as they fly the EGTC flag at the European Champs in Geneva next week – great effort to qualify, now bring home the medals!


Congratulations to Nick Kay and Stuart Lotherington on completing Ironman Nice in very trying conditions and to Mike Sutton who stormed the Grafman middle distance event a couple of weeks back. As always, if you’ve been out there doing the club proud (or just doing it) then let me know and I’ll tell the world!


Check out the forum on the website for exciting news of possible foreign travel in 2016, with a little race thrown in – couple of choices so far but undoubtedly others will follow?


And on the subject of choices… the menus for the club Xmas Party on 5th December are on the website as well so why not have a look, choose and stop Stuart from nagging me, please!


Finally, the news wouldn’t be complete without an update on our two wounded compadres! Martin reports that his bike was a write-off so he’s busy scouring the Hamley’s catalogue hoping to find an appropriately sized bicycle, possibly without stabilisers this time as he’s grown a bit since his last purchase (c.1963). Meanwhile, Simon has enlisted the assistance of his son Jude to help him on/off his turbo as he’s having trouble unclipping with a cracked right ankle bone! Apparently he’s trained him not only to set the bike up but fill water bottles, mop his brow and clean up afterwards – some tough love going on there Si! 


Train safe