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Weekly News 28 May 2015

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  • Published: Thursday, 28 May 2015 22:18
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Just a couple of bits of news this week;

Simon Powell and Mark Lofting have been working hard with Mid Sussex Tri Club on use of Ardingly Reservoir for open water swimming and there are some changes from the previous “turn up and swim” routine! An online registration process will/is now available and hopefully we should have the link shortly? Costs have risen and the £5.00 fee can also, I believe, be paid online so you won't have to try and keep loose change in your wetsuit! MSTC hats need to be worn and Simon/Mark have some for regular offenders! Swim times are Tue 6.00 -7.30 pm and Sat 8.30-10.00am but please note that the safety kayaker finishes on the dot so no 2one more length” please! Finally, you will have to go on the rota to do the safety jobs but with 90+ signed up your not likely to have to do the job very often! More details from Simon or Mark and I'll send on anything else I get.

Andrew Drake, Noel Miles, Kelly Jarvis and Chris Welch competed at the Big East Middle Distance Tri on Sunday 17 May. Fantastic performance saw Kelly win the women's race. In the men's, Noel was 11th, Andrew 19th and Chris was, apparently,well positioned before pulling out after the bike which I am lead to believe was pre planned – feel free to make your own judgement on planned or getting his arse kicked by the missus!

And finally for those who've not seen the photos on Facebook I can confirm the club's fabulous new shed has finally achieved full and glorious tumescence! Of course size is a relative thing and perhaps unsurprisingly the shed is perhaps best only used by those who are, how shall we put it, vertically challenged! The LPG is I believe already referring to it as Elba – history repeating itself?

5th December OK?

Train safe

East Grinstead Triathlon 2015

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East Grinstead










East Grinstead Triathlon club celebrated in style last weekend marking the 30th year its annual race has taken place. Welcoming 500 competitors of all ages and abilities the field included the “Class of ‘86” - a special category consisting of 11 competitors who took part in the very first race three decades ago.

Charles Pennington maintained his position as the man to beat with his fourth successive victory in the main sprint distance with a time of 1:04:31. This was also his quickest time over the last four years.

The honour of fastest female went to Jill Cliff, finishing in 1:15:18 - an impressive six minutes quicker than her closest gender rival. 

In the closely contested junior event Morgan Morrison finished in 0:47:50 - certainly one to watch in the future.

In the ladies Try-a-Tri category, which saw 85 competitors dipping their toe into the world of triathlon for the first time, Maria Mackie took top honours with a time of 0:49:39.

However the big news of the day was that Roger Sheridan, took gold in the highly competitive “Class of ‘86” category. He finished in an impressive 1:15:44, four minutes quicker than EG Tri’s head coach Martin Darlison.

The event also saw East Grinstead Triathlon Club’s equivalent of the Brownlee brothers battling against each other for glory.

Sister’s Sally Ann Curtis and Jane Roberts joined the club in June 2013 after the tragic premature death of their father motivated them both to improve their fitness. After entering the ladies Try-a-tri event the sisterly rivalry began to heat up after Jane came fourth and Sally seventh in the 2013 event.

Having realised they enjoyed racing each other and Triathlon in general, Sally and Jane decided to join the club.

Sally says: “It’s a very supportive and inclusive club and I’ve made a lot of new friends.”

 However all friendly and family feelings were put aside for this year’s race with a hotly contested battle between the two, which saw Jane narrowly take the sisterly bragging rights. 


“Racing Sally spurs me on. It was great to have so much vocal support from my club mates on the run and was overjoyed to get a new personal best for the distance.

Jane will be racing the Hever Castle Half Ironman in September 2015 which will see her face a 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, a 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run. Sally is aiming to improve her Olympic distance time (a 1500m swim, 40km bike and finishing with a 10km run) at the same venue by ten minutes or more. 




The provisional date for the 2016 East Grinstead Triathlon is the 8th May. 

Weekly News 14 May 2015

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So before I start on the praise and thank you's for last weeks 30th Anniversary EG Triathlon an apology to Tracy Caudle and Mike Sutton for missing their results at Steyning two weeks ago! Actually I missed their whole race (Steyning Sprint) which was disgraceful as Mike was top ten in his AG whilst Tracy was 2nd in hers and top 10 in the females! Sorry to both of you!

And then on to last weeks amazing events at East Grinstead! Clearly I'd like to start with my personal thanks to Helen for spending rather more time in my company than was probably good for her – she was first on the field at 5.15am with me and we had fun for the next nearly nine hours, what a star! I'm sure others of you performed similar heroics but I particularly enjoyed the battle between Ted and Maurice in the race itself that was finally decided by a mere handful of seconds! Great racing by all the EG crew and I trust you all appreciated my own style of support?

Anyway, the LPG wanted me to include the following in the News;

Just wanted to add my personal thanks to everyone for an absolutely fantastic 30th Anniversary weekend.  The Saturday set up was awesome, a record time for transforming a flat field into a Triathlon zone to be proud of!  Thanks so much for mucking in and working so well and hope you all enjoyed the weekend.  Also thank you all so much for giving me such amazing support all the way around the course.  It was incredible, it was very humbling and I really wanted to give a good result in return for your support and win the Class of 86.  However, Roger was on fire, he showed up my lack of conditioning and was a very deserving winner of the 50+ AG too.

I’ve had nothing but praise from my fellow Class of 86 members asking me to pass on their thanks.  They have all commented on how welcome they felt and how well the club and event have developed.  Anyway, here’s some quotes for them to tell you themselves.  Bear in mind that they have being doing Triathlons for 30 years so have seen a lot in the sport, they commit to very high standards and knowing them as I do, tend not to give praise lightly....

“Just to say a big thank you to the EGTC team who organised another successful event today. A really great race, well marshalled and thoroughly enjoyable. I very much look forward to the 35th anniversary and competing (hopefully) against the class of 86”.

“Here's to the 35th. I really really intend to be there. So proud of our little class of 86”

”I would also like to add my thanks to EGTC. A great day, very well organised with lots of support”

“I really enjoyed the event. Yet again, organisation was terrific and you even supplied good weather. Please thank the “committee” for the nice words at the swim start. Well done and see you all, if not next year, then maybe (if I can drag my bones around the training) in five years.”

”The event was fantastic organised and just had the friendly feel of the first one. It's iconic.  Everyone from the club that helped organise yesterday's event can feel really proud of what they have achieved...thank you all. A big thanks again to the club for the hospitality on Saturday evening too.”

“the race is an exemplar for how triathlons should be run, everything done smoothly and efficiently whist retaining the friendly fun atmosphere that has been lost from some other events.  The marshalling is without doubt the best of any race I have done! Here's to the 35th anniversary race, looking forward to it already, hope to see everyone there and even better at other races as well.”

Thanks everyone so much

Martin and the Class of ‘86

Sadly not the little fella's race as once again Roger gave him a kicking – maybe at the Diamond Jubilee Race Martin?

I know I've also had texts from many of the competitors saying how much they enjoyed every aspect of the Race – so thanks to all of you again for helping in so many ways. We have a Race Committee de-brief on Tuesday evening so if you have any further feedback then please let me know?

This weeks reminders; help required at the Kids Tri on Sun 17 May – let Paul Hedger know if you can assist, NO SWIMMING on Tue 19, Thu 21 and Sat 23 May as the pool is closed for repairs – we will have a Core/Run sessions on Sat 23 if you want to come along? And open water swimming has started at Weirwood if you are mad/up for it!

Finally of course, no weekly news is complete without mention of the club Xmas Party on Sat 5 December!

Train safe

Weekly News 19 May 2015

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Briefest of headlines this week!

I trust none of you turned up for swimming this morning (Tue 19) and that you won’t try to do so on Thu (21) or Sat 24 May? No doubt the repairs taking place at Kings will enhance your watery pleasure in the future – so something to look forward too!

And talking of pleasures, if you enjoy a good erection in the morning then why not come along and help the club achieve a big one at East Grinstead Sports Club this Saturday morning when we finally take delivery of the missing shed parts and put it all together? Keith and Jane have already offered their help (and a flask and biscuits) and I’m hoping Roger “The Power Tool” Taylor will be along doing his very best Bob The Builder impression? Sadly Mr Chairman is unavailable to assist – his word not mine as  he believes he does help at these things – due to a week long appointment in a French vineyard!  Meet in the car park up there at 8.00am and with any luck it should only be a couple of hours?

Don’t forget that if you are racing anywhere over the next few months to let me know how you get on and I can broadcast your triumphs to the rest of the club – adding of course my own brand of uninformed commentary!

Race Committee de-brief tonight (Tue) and thanks to Darren Howe for his feedback (aided and abetted by Chris Welch) which we’ll be pleased to ignore completely on the grounds of decency!

And talking of indecent proposals, the EGTC Xmas Party is on Sat 5th December for those of you who maybe haven’t yet put the date in your diary?

Train safe

Weekly News 5 May 2015

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First up a huge thank you to all of you who helped out at the Race Recce last Saturday morning. I know some of you had surprising long(er) bike rides than you expected and I'm also sure Alex Langridge didn't expect to have to run quite so many laps of the tri route? Brilliant all of you and the feedback as always has been fantastic – so proud of all of you. Thanks.

Putting in a fantastic performance on Sunday at the Steyning Long Triathlon were Chris Hale, Andrew Whittle and Steve Nash but most especially Kat Parkin who finished 2nd Female and won her Age Group – great results on a not great day weather wise?

So, now for the main purpose of this weeks news – EG Tri Race details!

The following is from Le Petit General himself;

Please could you bring the following equipment (if you can lay your hands on it) for a quick and comfortable set up on Saturday am...

- Clothes & footwear suitable for the weather and for moving grubby fencing, banging in road pins, building bike racking etc.

- Work gloves

- Club hammers

- Metal cutters / snips

- Brooms

- 2-3 step – step ladders

- Spanners / sockets / wrenches – to remove the Armco barrier (from the drive onto the field)

As previously advised, swimming and core are free to all those who help with the rigging which starts with a safety briefing at 8.45am and then onto the field at 9.00. If we stick with LPG's plan then breakfast should be served at 10.30/10.45am? Cathy will be issuing race positions and timings in a mail on Thursday – remember the time is a latest arrival, so a few minutes before please?

Of course one of the real fun bits of being on duty at the race is the chance to “support” your fellow EGTC members who are donning the lycra? So look out for 7.00am starters Louise McK, Monique and Ted (The Saint), 7.15am Alex Langridge, 7.50 CJ and then a break till Roger at 9.10 followed by Rob Bream and Sally at 9.40 all being chased by Jane Roberts at 9.40am. But the real racing starts at 10.35 when the Class of 86 start as a single wave – although as they will have to share use of the steps to get in/out of the pool it might be bit sedate? Watch out for; Ian Bond, Pete Beddingfield, Kath Garrido, Michael Hardy, Ken Smith, Bill Wates and Eddie Wright. And of course Derek Blackall and Maurice Histed carrying the current purple forward from the past! However, no EGTri would be complete either now or in the past without a battle between Roger Sheridan and Martin Darlison! Is this finally going to be the year of the little fella? 30 years of pain as the song goes? I can't wait can you?

Finally, a couple of advance notices; the pool is CLOSED so no swimming on Tue 19, Thu 21 and Sat 23 May – although we'll still have core and run sessions that Saturday. If you have a few hours to spare on Sun 17 May why not give a hand with the Kids Tri – Paul Hedger and his team will be pleased to see you!

Do you need reminding of the Xmas Party on 5th December?

Train safe