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Weekly News 7 May 2014

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  • Published: Wednesday, 07 May 2014 12:00
  • Written by Big Dave
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Beautiful morning for the final event of the 2014 WGP last Saturday and some great racing and superb entertainment for those of us watching from the side-lines – my thanks to all who took part and those who assisted throughout. Noel stormed through to take victory in a time that will take some beating this coming w/end (1:07:25) with Kat Barrett taking the ladies title (and 6th place overall). For Liz McLellan it was her first Tri and possibly Emily’s last before the baby (?) but the Chairman’s Special Prize goes to Sam Masters for sheer guts and determination! This Sunday will be a breeze now Sam and you know we’ll all be cheering you on! That’s also true for the other EGTC racers; Adam Grange, Alaric Marsden, Mike Sutton and Nick Hay plus, in the Try-a-Tri; Miranda Chitty and (honorary member) Gail Peel (Andy’s better half). Good Luck to all of them.

Full WGP results are on the club website.

Also last w/end, Kat Parkin completed her first tri @ the Steyning Standard distance event – did you wear your bike shoes Kat? And on Bank Holiday Monday, Adam Gray and Annie Sedgwick where at Tonbridge Sprint with Annie following up her podium spot at Haywards Heath with a third place this time in her AG. If I missed anyone else then you can blame the Three Forts Marathon that I did on Sunday in glorious weather with of course the company of Jackie Barker – who used it as a warm down following her 42 mile run on the Saturday! I really should have listened to the warnings about getting involved in this long distance stuff and with Mad Jack!

Finally, obviously, this weekend is the club triathlon and you’ve already received messages from both our glorious Chairman and Le petit General on the need to be involved so I’ll not bang on about it as well! Suffice to say that all help at any point over the w/end is gratefully received and if I don’t see you at some point because you are at some far flung junction on the bike/run course or sitting for hours on poolside then I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you and remember to smile and support every single person whose taking part – it’s what you’d want if it was you racing!

Train safe

Ps Don’t forget to support Richard Cooney’s charity efforts by buying (and eating) cake on Sunday!

Weekly News 1 May 2014

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  • Published: Thursday, 01 May 2014 08:05
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Congratulations to those who took part in the first triathlons of the season last weekend. I know that Anne Sedgwick took three minutes off her PB @ Haywards Heath and 2nd in the over 50 Ladies whilst Louise Saville was having a cracking race at Sevenoaks (personally I think the photos indicate she could have tried harder?). Michael Diebel was also there although I believe his comment of “don’t ask about the run” hides another good performance? My apologies to any of the rest of you who were competing at either event but I’ve not had time to check the results this week! Also running around in Sevenoaks, albeit on a 30 mile trail run, was Stuart Lotherington. Now this is a bloke who’s found his way to the North Pole and across the Sahara but somehow managed to get lost in his own backyard and did 32 miles+ before he finished! Doesn’t bode well for when he teams up with another directionally challenged club member (me) to ride back from Le Tour in Yorkshire in July! I guess as long as we head downhill and south we’ll get back eventually?

The Grande Finale of the WGP takes place this Saturday with the Sprint Tri. For those who don’t want to take part can I suggest you swim at 6.30am, do Core with Kim and then grab a coffee and come out and cheer those taking part over the line? The tri will start at 7.45am in the pool – a mass start so if you’re late your time will have begun! If the road works in Moat Road are still there we will have T1 outside the pool doors and the bike mount in the garage forecourt with T2 in the car park by the Pavilion. I’ll be around from 7.00am so we can call it on the morning.

Obviously the following weekend is the East Grinstead Triathlon and I don’t need to go on again about your committing to help over the two days do I? I will of course be checking with Cathy on Saturday to see who’s said yes and who’s given their apologies and I’m sure I won’t need to visit your homes/places of work next week to persuade you to respond?

That’ll do for now

Train safe

Weekly News 18 April 2014

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  • Published: Friday, 18 April 2014 13:21
  • Written by Mike Cowell
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First up an apology to Geoff Larkin and Jackie Barker for missing their Brighton Marathon results – superb runs from both of them with Geoff clocking 3:40 and Jackie 3:42. Meantime Mark Lofting and Vince Golding have both completed the London Marathon, 4:21 for Mark and 4:27 for Vince. Vince has categorically stated that he will NEVER do another one – although I guess if we all keep donating on his charity site then maybe........

My thanks to those who came along to the 2nd Sunday Ride and successfully recced both the Tri and Try-a-Tri bike courses, noting the road conditions on both! Varied is the word that springs to mind with some lovely new tarmac in places and none at all in others! Look forward to seeing all of you at the Race Recce on Sat 26 April when we get a chance to show off what a great club we are by helping lots of nervous first-timers ease their pre-Race day fears! You can swim, Core and breakfast before you need to report onto the field in kit and with bikes for 9.00am ready to take small groups around the appropriate bike route. You can also help if you just want to run the tri route when they get back from cycling or just by being around to chat (Mr Merry's forte) or add to Martin's transition area! As in previous years, if you help on the Recce then you don't need to pay for swimming/core as a thank you for your support.

The WGP Triathlon will be on Sat 3rd May and the swim will start at 7.45am –it will be a mass start and if you're late then you will just have to catch up! We will set up an informal transition area in the car park by the Pavilion and I would appreciate a couple of helpers to act as security/marshals from 7.30am onwards. The event is the full tri distance, 500m swim, 28k bike and 5k run and the outcome of most of the age categories will be decided by the finishing order that morning – so come along and support if you can't race yourself? There will be no coached swim session at 7.25am that morning – although you can swim after the WGP competitors have exited the pool.

Hope you all have a great Easter with plenty of gentle exercise to work off all the chocolate? I'm not sure running London-Brighton over the w/end with Jackie counts as gentle exercise but I will certainly not have to worry about the number of eggs I consume!

That's all for now

Train safe

Weekly News 26 April 2014

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  • Published: Saturday, 26 April 2014 14:45
  • Written by Mike Cowell
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Not sure if this counts as late News for this week or early for next?

Many thanks to all of you who helped out at the Race Recce this morning – as always and without exception the participants are fulsome in their praise of club members who guide them around the bike and run courses and do so much to reassure them prior to their “Big Day”! We all started somewhere and I am sure your input helps to ensure the best possible start in triathlon for these newbies – well done and thanks again. Martin and Fran had quite a few join them to look at transition set up in the Pavilion and Fran was also able to answer a few ladies-only questions – although I understand Martin also knew all the answers as well!

Next Saturday it’s your turn to race around the Sprint course in the final event of the Winter GP with plenty of scope for overall positions to change in most age categories! We will run the event during the 2nd swim session with a mass start at 7.45am. Please don’t be late and if you just want to swim then maybe do the 6.30am session? We will have an informal transition area set up in the end of the car park by the Pavilion and if I can have a couple of helpers that would be great?

And talking of help, please can I ask you to respond to Cathy’s mail regarding the club Triathlon on Sat 10th & Sun 11th May. Clearly a “Yes I can” answer would be most appropriate but a “Sorry No can do” will at least allow her to cross you off the list – that’s both for the Race and a Christmas card! This is our one club event of the year when we do expect all members to make themselves available or to have the common decency to at least give Cathy a valid reason for your non-availability.  Please email her direct on;

Finally, I need to put on record my thanks to “Saint Ted” for collecting me (and Jackie and Debbie) from Brighton Seafront on Easter Sunday at the end of the second part of our London-Brighton run. Day 1’s 23 miles had been undertaken in glorious sunshine but that was not the case for the Forest Row-Brighton leg on day two when it rained for pretty much the whole 27 miles! I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased to see another human being – thanks Ted! The resultant infection in my toes is being battled by anti-biotics and hopefully should be cleared in time for Three Forts Marathon in early May and then the IOW Challenge in June!

That’s all for now

Train safe

Weekly News 9 April 2014

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  • Published: Wednesday, 09 April 2014 09:05
  • Written by Big Dave
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First up a reminder that swimming at Kings has restarted and I expect to see you all splashing around on Saturday morning!

Lots going on last w/end and congratulations to a couple of our speedy ladies (I was going to say “fast girls” but thought Daisy might get the wrong idea?) Louise Saville who did 3:36 @ Brighton Marathon, fast enough to gain an automatic place at London 2015 and Karen Mycock who took 25 minutes off her previous PB clocking 3:57 @ Manchester Marathon – fantastic effort both of you.

Meantime, in a damp and dank WGP Hill TT Tim Coogan finished a few seconds ahead of Richard Smith with the awesome Jane Roberts taking both the Ladies prize and the CSP for her efforts. Well done to all 10 of the participants and to Mr Merry for his assistance with timing. Results on website now or soon!

The results from that event leave the overall WGP finely balanced with all to play for at the final event, the Triathlon on Sat 3rd May. In particular the Male Senior sees Richard Smith hold a narrow lead over Tim Coogan with the Big Diesel breathing heavily down their necks! It’s even closer in the Male Vet between Roger Taylor and Simon Neave with Steve Ingham also in contention. Michael Diebel and Mick Norrington are still locking horns in the Male Super Vet and Liz or Kat B could still catch Emily in the Female Senior – lots to be decided and look forward to a great mornings racing.

Before that we have the 2nd Sunday Ride this w/end starting at 8.30am from Kings. We are going to ride both the Tri courses – so about 25 miles – to check out road conditions and for any new club members a chance to learn the courses prior to helping out at the Race Recce on 26 April!

Couple of other items, firstly, Darren Holman is looking to borrow a bike box in the first couple of weeks in May if anyone has one then please contact him.

Secondly, Vince Golding is looking to give Mo Farah a kicking at the London Marathon or, if that doesn’t happen, at least raise some money for Go to to help and possibly raise enough to build a helipad @ Kings. Anyone who knows Vince’s history will understand how close this charity is to his heart – so donate now!

That’s all for now

Train safe