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Weekly News 3 April 2014

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  • Published: Friday, 04 April 2014 10:17
  • Written by Bid Dave
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Phew what a scorcher! Hope you all took advantage of the great weather and the extra hour last weekend to get out and do some training or racing? Personally I went out running with Jackie and Ted (plus Debbie and Jim) checking out a route that Jackie will be leading a walk on later in the season. I took the “walking” part of that perhaps more seriously than the others expected when the wheels fell off at mile 15 with still 5+ miles to go! A touch of heatstroke, poor nutritional choices and still being 5+kg overweight all made the going very tough and my thanks to all of them for being patient and understanding over that last couple of hours! Still, it was a good training experience and some lessons learnt in readiness for the Isle of Wight Ultra in June! 

More immediately, the latest information we have on the pool @ Kings is that whilst there will be an official opening on Saturday 5th April that won’t include us swimming in the morning. So turbo and core plus running at 9.00am will go ahead. As soon as we have confirmation on Tue 8th and Thu 10th swim sessions we will let you know along with confirmation of times for Sat 12th April.

The WGP Hill TT will be on Sunday 6th April – meet at Kings at around 8.00am for briefing and departure at 8.30am. If you’ve not done this before it’s a 25 mile social ride with 3 timed hill sections with the winners having the lowest time over the three parts. The final part of the WGP will be the triathlon on Sat 3rd May around the full tri course. Before that we will be checking both bike courses on the 2nd Sunday Bike ride on Sun 13th April – if you are helping at the Race Recce (Sat 26 April) and don’t yet know the courses then this is a chance to find out plus we can have a look at the road surface conditions!

Next up, with apologies to Richard Cooney for not letting you know earlier, news of an event this Friday 4th April:
Richard C, and a very good friend of his are cycling from Saigon in Vietnam to Angkor Wat in Cambodia in November this year to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Both of them have lost family members over the years and as two old blokes decided that it was time that they gave something back to all those people that do so much to support not only cancer patients but their friends and families.
One of their major fund raising events is a Quiz Night at the East Grinstead Sports Club on Friday 4th April. Teams can be up to 8 people. Cost is £95 / team which include an Indian meal supplied by one of our sponsors, the Tarana Indian restaurant in Lingfield. Friends, family and fellow club members are all very welcome to make up a team. Any support would be hugely appreciated. Richard`s contact details are 07554113839 or richardcooney220@btinternet.com .

I also missed congratulating Fran Davis on passing her Level 1 Coaching qualification – an excellent addition to the team!

Finally, open water swimming has started again at Weir Wood Reservoir and, I’m told, the water’s lovely! Go to their website via the club site link for details.

Think that’s all?

Train safe

Weekly News 25 March 2014

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  • Published: Tuesday, 25 March 2014 08:29
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As reported last week I took up my/Pete Holley's place on the start line at Hastings Half Marathon on a gloriously sunny morning on the south coast last Sunday. Suffice to say that Pete's PB for the course was unchallenged but he/I made lots of new friends by chatting my way round whilst consuming my own body weight in jelly babies! A short shower as we re-entered the old town being the only (apart from actually running that is) dampener on the morning. Hastings is a very well supported race and one I'd recommend to anyone who fancies a hilly half!

And talking of support, it's that time of year when I start to nag you all about upcoming events that you really do need to volunteer to help at! So, we'll start with the WGP Hill TT on Sun 6 April – ideally I need a willing person to help with the timing and that's probably best done from the comfort of your car! That does of course mean that I then have to ride which will slow the whole thing down somewhat but.....

Next up will be the Race Recce on Sat 26 April. This is the morning where we show all those who are taking part in the East Grinstead Triathlon around the centre at Kings and then take them out for a ride around either the Tri or Try-a-Tri courses followed by a single lap of the run course. Generally the cycling bit starts at about 9.00am so there is time for training and a coffee beforehand. This is a real opportunity for us to show off what a fantastic club we are – so please let me know if you are able to help out in any way.

Of course the EG Race w/end is a must as far as volunteering is concerned! Plenty to do on both Sat 10 and Sun 11 May with setting up, marshalling and taking down of equipment. Cathy Walsh will once more be Chief Wrangler for volunteers but why not make her job easier by letting her know NOW what you can do for the club over the weekend?

Two other events to help out at; the East Grinstead Kids Tri on Sun 18 May – fantastic fun and, of course as a famous person once said the children are our future! Plus, the EG 10k on Sun 21st Sept which you can support by either entering (@ www.eg10k.co.uk) or by marshalling – names to Martin or Lance please

Think that's it for now?

Train safe

Weekly News 13 March 2014

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  • Published: Thursday, 13 March 2014 09:55
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Mark may have spawned a monster judging by the turnout for the "Sufferfest" turbo session on Saturday morning in the Pavilion 7.30-8.30am? I'm sure we could squeeze in a few more but I'd suggest you turn up on time! I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite having to ride in close proximity to the incomparable Mr Powell whose prowess on the bike is of course the stuff of legends! Gave him a kicking on the sprint finish along the Champs Elyses inspired by trying to catch Cav on the video - or maybe that was just my overworked imagination?

Meantime, Maurice was entertaining everyone at Core with his attempt to win the "Crash of the Year" award as the brakes apparently failed on his Swiss ball leaving him flat on his back - nice try Maurice but I still think Ted leads the way?

Thanks to all who turned up for a glorious ride on Sunday around the WGP Hill TT course - good to see some new faces and thanks for waiting for me on many occasions!

This Sunday its the WGP Cycle TT on the Bones Lane course. Ben Houston reports that there are power line replacement works and we might have to see how those are progressing?  Ben suggests; A Plan B route could go round the bigger circuit (Croydonbarn Lane / Brickhouse / Whitewoods / Church Lane) but the Risk Assessment on that course does need a marshal at the last left hand corner coming back onto Croydonbarn Lane as the road is downhill joining a busier road with no advance visibility. I was going to need at least one helper anyway so if someone is prepared to come along and help? Bring a high viz if you have one please? Meet at Horne Golf Club car park at around 8.15am for a briefing, practice lap(s) and hopefully underway before 9.00am?

Advance notice that I intend to switch the WGP Tri and the Race Recce dates around to ensure that the pool is available! WGP Tri on 3 May and Race Recce on 26 April - more details on both to follow

Finally, congratulations to Andy Peel whose secured a roll down place at the European Champs in Kitzbuhel along with Fran and Kat. Andy's being nothing if not tenacious in his quest for a place and its great that his persistence (and no little talent) have paid off - good luck to all of them

That's all folks!

Train safe

Weekly News 19 Mar 2014

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  • Published: Wednesday, 19 March 2014 23:41
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Great to see so many of you at the WGP Bike TT on Sunday morning – and with glorious weather, particularly in comparison to last year's sub-zero temperatures, aiding some great times and solid performances! James Ryan came out on top followed by Noel Miles and Ben Houston. Kat Barrett was first lady beating plenty of the guys and winning the Chairman's Special Prize for being the only person to post negative splits for every lap – including a sub-8 minutes for the last one, the mark of a very good cyclist! Special mention also for Adam Grange who ended lap 2 with a puncture and, under the watchful and ever helpful eye of our esteemed Chairman – I believe his comments were mostly helpful – still finished in a respectable time! As always my thanks to all of you for turning up and taking part and, of course, too the Special One for his assistance!

Standings in the overall WGP competition are all still in the balance with two events to go – the Hill TT on 6th April and the WGP Tri which is now on Sat 3rd May. In the Female Seniors, Emily leads from Liz McLellan and Kat Barrett whilst Noel has a narrow lead over Richard Smith and Tim Coogan in the Senior Men. In the Vets, Joan leads the ladies whilst it's very tight between Roger Taylor, Simon Neave and Stuart for the male prize. We need some more of the SV ladies to compete in the events whilst Mike and Mick battle it out in the male SV category. See you all at Kings on 6th April 8.15am for the next instalment?

Meantime, I understand that there was another good turnout for the Sufferfest ride up Alp d'Huez on Saturday morning – not sure where the ride will take you this week but enjoy won't you – 7.30am in the Pavilion! I would say an easier alternative could be Core with Kim but you know I'd be lying? Personally I'll be on a train to Sheffield for another Uni visit.... Although this will allow me an amount of rest before I become "Pete Holley" @ Hastings Half Marathon on Sunday. Sadly I won't be improving on Pete's Hastings PB but I can guarantee a less garish set of run kit will be in evidence in any photos you may see!

Think that's it for now

Train safe

Weekly News 4 March 2014

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  • Published: Tuesday, 04 March 2014 22:06
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Firstly a reminder as much to myself as you all - there is NO swimming at Kings until early in April due to the pool refurbishments. Now that doesn't mean Saturday's off completely as Kim will still be there at 7.45am to punish you all with a Core session and we've added a Turbo session at 7.30am in the Pavilion for those that fancy getting on their bike! This will, I understand, be a different set to Wed night so worth coming along to see what Mark/Martin have in store! A leisurely transition afterwards and you can join the run session @ 9.00am - so, still plenty of opportunities and excuses to get out of the house!

Congrats to all those competing last weekend - Ballbuster, T Wells Half and, for those of limited mental capacity, the Steyning Stinger! Ted, "the Saint", and I strolled around the Half distance race laughing at the depth of the mud until Ted, in a fit of instability, went full length just after mile 12 - priceless! Meantime Jackie (and Debbie) where battling the elements on the full distance Marathon - some feat in the wind and very heavy ground conditions!

Hopefully the weather will be kind for this weekend's 2nd Sunday Bike Ride - an early opportunity to test out the WGP Hill TT course ! 25 miles and a selection of local high points with time for coffee afterwards - meet at Kings for departure at 8.30am

Think that's all for this week?

Train safe