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Weekly News 10 August 2014

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  • Published: Monday, 11 August 2014 06:51
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Nearly a month since the last News and I've still not caught up on all my mail so I'm just going to report on a very few significant highlights that I do know about!

I'm sure we would all wish to offer massive congratulations to both Emily and Noel on the birth of their baby boy. Murray Elbie, and to Mark and Jen McDonald who also had a boy – Theo! The tea leaves in my cup are predicting medals at the Olympics in 2036 – although that might be just that the kids haven't washed up very well?

Congratulations also to Joan Wingfield who is now a fully qualified BTF Level 2 Coach – well done on all your hard work Joan and the valuable contribution you (and all the other coaches) make to the success of the club.

And talking of assistance and contributing to the club..... we need to find a temporary home for all the race equipment currently stored in the container at Laurence Turk's yard. Building and other works mean that Laurence can't offer this facility in the future and whilst we have a long term solution worked out with East Grinstead Sports Club, if anyone has an empty garage/outbuilding for a few weeks it would be much appreciated? Get back to either myself or our beloved Chairman ASAP please? In the meantime, our sincere thanks to Laurence for his support over the last few years in storing the kit – thank you.

Finally, I believe there may still be a few places left for the Southwater Relays if you've not yet put in a team – you'd be in the minority as I think we have 12+ teams already? At some point I'd like to sort out a definitive list so we can place our bets!

Apologies as always if I've missed something you've told me

Train safe and race hard

Weekly News 15 July 2014

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  • Published: Tuesday, 15 July 2014 11:06
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Long time since I had the time to write something!

Belated congrats to Joan Wingfield who won her AG @ Worthing Tri and to Mark Bashford who won the Horsham Tri with Steve Ingham winning the Over 50 male AG and Gemma Hayes 3rd in her AG plus (possibly?) a first event for new girl Ellen Bennet.  Congratulations also to two new ironmen – Ben Houston (sorry Ben but I've lost the mail for which race it was) and last w/end Paul Baker at Hever Bastion – great performances from both of you. Best of luck to those off to Ironman UK this w/end – have a great race Tim, Pete and Rich T. Apologies to anyone else that has sent me results but as previously stated I've simply run out of time recently to keep on top of the News!

I guess I'd better update those who don't know on my own attempts to move into ultra-marathon running! The trip to the Isle of Wight Round The Island Race was a fantastic experience and being in the company of Jackie Barker, Debbie and the incomparable Ted Swift was worth all the pain, lost toe nails and subsequent antibiotics! Saturday's 39 miles was tough with high temperatures, no breeze but the wonderful sight of the horizon filled with yachts taking part (even slower than me) in their own Round The Island Race! Overnight chalet accommodation, lots of pasta and the hope was that Sunday's 33 miles would be doable? Jackie's speed on the first day meant she would start an hour behind Debbie and me – could we stay ahead? Long climbs at the start including to the top of Tennyson Down before a trip to The Needles and Alum Bay had me struggling and by the 2nd checkpoint at 15 miles I needed a sit down and Debbie went on alone. A few minutes later Jackie passed me looking like she hadn't even started running! Walking at a fairly brisk pace seemed to be possible so that's what I did for the next 13 miles until the last checkpoint. By now I had a huge blister on my right big toe and my left one was throbbing bright red as the infection under the toenail became unbearable. So, sadly with just 5 miles still to do I took the chance to climb into Ted's car and get a lift to the finish. The guys I'd been walking with had still not got back when we left to catch the ferry nearly two hours later so I think I probably made the right decision? Jackie won the over 50 Ladies prize having overtaken Debbie towards the end. It was a great w/end and my undying thanks to all three of them for their support throughout.

Two weeks later and Stuart and myself where driving to Yorkshire to watch/ride Le Tour de France! We dropped the hire car at Leeds Bradford Airport and set off in the rain to meet my brother at a campsite near Reeth. Riding with full panniers is bloody hard work! Six and a half hours to cover the near 70 miles before we arrived at 10.45pm and it was still raining! We'd climbed the Cote de Blubberhouses and the Cote de Cray (although I'd had to push part of this one) and seen the air ambulance pick up a rider who'd obviously misjudged a sharp downhill near Grassington – very sobering.

Saturday we walked up the Cote de Grinton and waited 7 hours to watch the peloton flash by despite the 15%+ gradient! Back to the campsite we were in time to groan with 100's of others as Cav crashed to the ground – lots of beer eased the pain! Sunday we packed the bikes and rode parts of the stage, arriving in Knaresborough an hour after the riders! After 110 miles we arrived at my cousin's place in Sheffield – just too late to see the highlights of stage 2! By now we'd both got messages about needing to be back earlier than planned on Tuesday so we decided to take the opportunity to try some of the local climbs around Sheffield that the Tour had ridden the day before. These included Cote de Midhopestones and Cote de Bradfield and even the absence of the panniers didn't help me get up the 25% sections! Stuart then showed his true triathlete credentials by joining my cousin Ann in taking part in a local fell race at Hathersage in the evening! Thankfully I didn't have a pair of trainers with me so was forced to go to the pub whilst waiting for them both to finish! Two miles up and two back down, I'll leave Stuart to fill you in on just how tough it was – albeit fantastic training and you can see where the Brownlees get their fitness from?

In other News;
No Core training on 19 July and 2 August as Kim is on holiday. Martin is holding a Transition training session on 26 July and Paul Hedger has sent out an invite to EGTC members to take part in the local Horsted Keynes Triathlon on 5th October - details on his Hedgehog Tri website

No doubt there's all sorts of things I've forgotten but that's all for this week and as I'm away on holiday for the next two weeks I'll see you all in August!

Train safe and race hard

Big Dave

Weekly News 12 June 2014

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  • Published: Friday, 13 June 2014 13:55
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News items this week;
Martin has one more place available for his Bike (Turbo) / Run Brick session this coming Saturday 14 June at 9am on the field at Kings.  It is part of his Level 3 Coaching course and has to be videoed to demonstrate that he knows what he is doing – so needs all the help he can get.  The session itself aims to improve awareness of bike and run cadence to help run efficiency following transition and all abilities are welcome.  You will need: a bike, turbo, bike shoes, run shoes, suitable clothing for weather, plenty of drink, towel, HR monitor (if owned), bike computer with cadence counter (if owned).  Set up at 08:40 ready to start at 09:00 and is free.  Please contact Martin on

Great "purple" morning at Mid Sussex Tri with 18 competitors providing plenty of opportunities for Jackie and I (who taken a short jog over from HH) to cheer/abuse in equal measure! Top of the pile was Noel who beat everyone else in the field to take first overall by nearly a minute! Also in the top 20 where Mark Bashford and Adam Grange whilst Keith "the Ambulance Dodger" Roberts beat first EG Lady to finish, Kat Barrett, by 3 seconds! Not to be outdone, Mrs Roberts beat sis Sally by less than 30 seconds causing an amount of Facebook banter! Sam Masters not only had a great race but also provided some excellent cool down cake which I felt I had to try even though I'd not raced!  Well done all of you and you'll be pleased to hear that the results have been altered so you are no longer representing East Essex Tri Club!

Good luck to all those off to race at Wimbleball this w/end – remember your sun lotion!

Finally, we currently have ten teams entered at Southwater Relays ranging in skill, speed and girth! Still room for more and you can be sure of a warm welcome and "generous" support as you battle to find your fellow team members amongst the many wetsuit clad triathletes at the changeover point – after all you'll be looking for the obviously non-athletic looking ones!

Train safe

MSTC 5-3-1 Charity Swim

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  • Published: Sunday, 13 July 2014 11:39
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The Mid Sussex Tri Club is holding a special training swim at the Ardingly Reservoir on Saturday 2nd August in aid of the Laurens Silver Swimmer Charity.

The charity is a local charity that seeks to provide money for children with life long disability who require aquatic therapy. The charity commemorates the life of a wonderful little girl who loved swimming in her all too short life.

This is a closed event with a maximum of 50 swimmers allowed in any of the three distances. Initially, the swim is open only to members of the Mid Sussex and East Grinstead Triathlon Clubs, although invited guests will be allowed to swim if there are spaces available. Members who wish to invite a guest (or guests) should contact Matt Record or Mark Jordan. Members should book their entry as early as possible to allow a decision to be made about the number of guests who can swim. Entries for guests will be made from Monday 9th June.


  • 5 km (5 laps), Starting at 14:00
  • 3 km (3 laps), Starting at 16:15
  • 1 km (1 laps), Starting at 17:45


We really need some volunteers to help us run this event. Without your help the event will simply not be able to take place so please offer a few hours of your time if at all possible. We currently needs volunteers for for:

  • Canoeists (x5)
  • Land based spotters (x3)
  • Feed Marshal (x1)
  • Swimmer counters (x2)
  • Registration (x2)

We welcome people who are willing to help out for a specific period rather than for the whole afternoon, even those who are perhaps hoping to do one of the sessions, helping out with one or both of the others or friends or family coming along to help out as well as support. Full briefings will be given to all who help out. Please email Mark Jordan if you can be of any help


The safety co-ordinator and marshal for the session is Matt Record. His decision on any matter is final.

A safety boat, together with a number of canoes will be on the water in and around the swim course, together with land-based spotters/counters. The normal safety rules for swimming at the reservoir apply. These are set out in club's Open water Swimming Policy for Ardingly Reservoir. Please make sure that you have read this policy, together with the risk assessment for the session and the emergency action plan. Note that suitable wetsuits are compulsory. Swim caps will be issued at registration. The water temperature will be measured just prior to the session to ensure that it is within the temperature guidance set by the BTF and the ASA about open water swimming.

All members/participants are encouraged to be members of one of the home triathlon associations and/or to have their own insurance cover.

Entry details

Participants can take part in one, two or, for those who are so minded, all three of the distances.

It is suggested that each participant donates a flat rate of £20 for the session, irrespective of which distance is, or distances are, to be swum given that the purpose of the session is not merely to train and have a bit of fun, but also to raise money for Lauren's Silver Swimmers. All those who are participating are encouraged to raise any money that they can by sponsorship. We hope to provide details of a Justgiving page in the near future. Alternatively you can use the old-fashioned hard copy sponsorship pledge form.

To enter please:

It is important we know the numbers signed up for each distance so we have the appropriate safety measures in place. 


Registration will adjacent to the activity centre at the following times:

  • 5 km from 12:30-13:30
  • 3 km from 12:30-13:30 and 15:15-15:45
  • 1 km from 12:30-13:30, 151:5-15:45 and 16:45-17:15

The manager of the activity centre at the reservoir has very kindly agreed to set up a special course for the session and to ensure that there will be no other water users in this part of the reservoir during the session.

The 5-3-1 course is shown on this map. It is a 1 km loop set in the south eastern part of the reservoir. Quite obviously, those swimming 5 km will complete 5 loops of the course; those swimming 3 km will swim 3 loops of the course, and those swimming 1 km, a single loop. To assist with counting the laps, a marshal sitting on a canoe will give swimmers in the 5km and 3km a plastic band at the completion of each lap.

Parking is available at the reservoir. There is a café at the Activity Centre. Toilets and a limited amount of changing facilities are also available at the Activity Centre.

We have a tremendous facility here, in a superb setting, so please be respectful of the venue, the staff who work there, the surrounding area and residents.

Weekly News 3 June 2014

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  • Published: Tuesday, 03 June 2014 22:14
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Vastly contrasting fortunes at the Nottingham Tri – the qualifier for the 2015 Euro and World Champs.

A first ever DNF for both Andy Peel and Annie Sedgwick as they both succumbed to injury during the run section of the Sprint event – you can feel the disappointment and frustration in every word of Andy’s Race Report which is on the club website – tough luck Andy.

Meantime, there were brilliant performances from Fran Davis and Kat Barrett at the same event. Fran’s 4th place in her age group is definitely enough to get a placing whilst Kat’s 8th place stands her a good chance of a roll down slot – let’s hope for the best? Well done both!

At Ardingly Tri on Sunday, Mark Bashford took 2nd place overall with Carly Miles doing the same in the Ladies. Congrats also to Gemma Hayes who won her AG – so good day all round!

Not sure if anyone else was racing at the w/end but if and when you do let me know and I’ll big you up in the week’s news!
And talking of big……. our beloved Chairman and his draft (draught? daft?) partner Matt Cowdrey are about to set off on their ride to Amsterdam if you want to donate to their efforts to raise funds for Prostate Cancer?

My hope is that they will be back and recovered (from the post-ride celebrations) in time for the Southwater Relays where they will join yours truly in the awesome EGTC “Who ate all the pies cakes?” team! Given the current opposition includes Team OMG, Team KAD and the “Goodish, Badish and Ugliish” I figure we’re going to be good for a podium spot – although Matt has promised not to dance on it as he usually does at the w/ends! Anyone else out there who fancies their chances?

That’s it for this week

Train safe