Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Members News

Weekly News 22 January 2015

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the first event in the 2015 Winter Grand Prix this Sunday – the Vale Gallop! Even if you are not racing then why not come along and provide that vocal support that your fellow club members so enjoy and which spurs them on to PB’s or possibly just to sling mud at you as they pass?
The 1000m swim TT will follow on Saturday 7th February and, as its part of that mornings swim set, you can come along to either session to record a time. I’m sure if you really don’t want to/can’t do it we can accommodate you somewhere in the pool with a revised set – but no promises! Further WGP events follow in later in February – Duathlon on Sun 15th and Swim/Run on Sat 21st , so plenty to look forward too!
Not sure I have too much else for this week so….
Train safe

Core Training 24 January 2015

For those of you attending the core session this Saturday, our replacement Core Instructor has asked whether any of you who have hard rollers could bring them with you. She will have a few available for those who do not have them, so don’t be concerned if you don’t.

Weekly News 7 January 2015

Don’t forget your t-shirts for all Saturday morning swim sessions for the next few weeks – baggy, heavy-weight cotton are best!

This Sunday will see the January 2nd Sunday Bike Ride departs from Kings at 8.30am with currently the weather forecast looking reasonable – let’s hope it stays that way? Ride is usually around 2 hours/25 miles at a leisurely, sociable pace and I guess we’d better find a few bumps to tackle as it’s that time of year?

I trust lots of you have signed up for the first event in the 2015 WGP – the Vale Gallop on Sun 25th Jan? Always great to be part of a large group at these events – in particular I enjoy making you all wait for me to finish! This event replaces the traditional Perch which is not happening in 2015 however some of you will recall when it used to take place at Epsom Racecourse and the Gallop covers some of the same ground so expect a few hills, mud and hypothermia!

Short and sweet this week – opposite of myself in fact!

Train safe

MTB News from Darren:
Club MTB ride on Sunday saw a depleted group of 4 due to illness and bikes still being in bits, Steve, Darren, Simon Neave, and newly found local guide, head over Leith Hill.  With an air temp of one degree we soon warmed up with the climb up to top of the hill.  The new trail from the top of Leith Hill rides really well in this weather and is clearly popular from the number of riders that were out.  A flowing ride of two and half hours including a brief coffee and cake stop, saw us knock off 12 miles and 1900ft of climbing with no mishaps along the way.  Be great to see a few more out next ride enjoying the trails at a time when the roads are probably just as muddy.

Novice / Easy Bike Ride - 18 January 2014

As the normal 4th Sunday is the same day as the Vale Gallop, I plan to take the novice bike ride a week earlier on Sunday 18 January.
Anyone is welcome to join in – not just novices.  I will meet participants at the rail car park in east Grinstead at 9am.  We will do a bit of skills coaching and then head out for a ride around lanes north of EG. I think that Tom may be available to share leading duties, giving us options to split into two groups if the numbers warrant it. All is subject to weather – it would help if people can let me know if they plan to join me so I can contact them if I decide conditions are not suitable.

Southwater Relays 2015

One of the benefits of being a member of a triathlon club is that you can support your fellow members at races – nothing inspires more effort that a rousing cheer from people you know?

Which is why only those with strong mental fortitude should sign up to take part in the Southwater Relays on Sunday 6th September 2015!

Entries are now open @ http://resultsbase.net/ViewEvent.aspx?Id=2782 and you should take every opportunity to secure your place in a team of three like-minded individuals and enter NOW as the race sells out very quickly!

As a club we usually have sufficient teams for EGTC to be the dominant force at the event – at least in the level of good-natured banter and abuse that is always the best part of the experience!

See you there!