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Weekly News 16 October 2014

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  • Published: Thursday, 16 October 2014 06:14
  • Written by Big Dave
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Congratulations to the Mycock’s, Dave & Karen, who were first back with most of the right answers to the clues in the Treasure Run last Saturday. The removal of one of the answer notices by Sackville School didn’t help any of the teams but they all got close to the final overall answer which was; 30th EG Tri 10 05 15 – which of course is the date you all have committed to memory, haven’t you?

The Magnificent Seven rode out on a sharp Sunday morning and a pleasant 30 mile trip northwards was only prolonged by my need to walk up several hills due to a mechanical (at least that’s my excuse) involving a new chain with too many links! Thanks to all the guys and girls for waiting!

This Saturday mornings fun will be had at Deers Leap when there is an opportunity to dust off your mountain bikes and enjoy the recent wet weather by getting down and dirty! Up there for c.9.00am and cost should be £2.50 each.

Can I also remind you to let Richard Cooney know ASAP if you are coming along to the Charity Quiz night at the Tirana in Lingfield on Wed 22nd? He needs to let the restaurant know about numbers – so contact him 07554113839 or and remember, if like me you are billy-no-mates, that it’s ok to go on your own as we can then makes a team together!

Finally, Saturday week sees a no-holds-barred game of Rounders out on the field and Liz McClellan is, nominally, in charge – I fear they may be tears or possibly blood shed before the final innings! Just like at Southwater this will be an ideal chance for some playful banter and a bit of a run-around so come along and join the fun!

That’s it – train safe

Weekly News 8 October 2014

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  • Published: Thursday, 09 October 2014 08:25
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A great mornings entertainment @ Horsted Keynes Tri and special thanks to Paul Hedger and all his team for putting on such a fun event. The cold early morning turned into a glorious early autumn and it was positively warm by the time I finished! Noel missed out on top spot by incurring a 2:00 minute “course infringement” penalty – should have gone to Specsavers! Mark McDonald was 5th overall ahead of Pete Moles who got himself in a chick-sandwich between the first place lady and Emily in 8th. Other Miles’s and various McKechnie offspring followed before yours truly crossed the line – 2nd in my age group (although you don’t need to know the total number!)

More fun to be had this weekend with the Oktoberfest Treasure Run on Saturday and the 2nd Sunday Club Bike Ride the following morning. For the run we’ll have a briefing at 8.45am, start at 9.00 and you should be finished inside an hour – so long as you get the right clues right! Why not share the brainwork and try it as a team? As for the bike ride, 8.15am meet at kings and set off at 8.30 and back around 10.30am.

Saturday swim sessions during October follow a pattern and to get the most out of the coaching please can we ask you to turn up for the correct time slot? The swim types at each session switch each week so you won’t always be getting in early nor having a lie in! So, this week it’s Group A @ 6.30am – that’s Bambinos and Overgliders and then Group B (Arnies, Kicktastics, Swingers and Smoothies) @ 7.25am. It's on the website, for logged in users, under Members Area / General Info / Oktoberfest / Swim Type Guides, or via this link:

If your names not on the list it doesn’t mean you’re not coming in – but more that the coaches haven’t assessed you yet! Get in the water and show them your stuff!

As previously mentioned, those who marshalled at EG 10k have the opportunity to be included in a draw for places at the 30th EG Tri on 10th May 2015 – but please let us know if you actually do want to take place so we don’t put names in the hat that don’t want to be there – we don’t want a Goblet of Fire thing! Please mail me @

Finally, a reminder of the Charity Quiz night on Wed 22nd Oct – confirm attendance to Richard Cooney before the 20th please. Plus, Karen Mycock is wrangling volunteers to assist with the EG Aquathon on Sun 26th Oct – so names in please?

That’s all, train safe
Big Dave

Oktoberfest 2014

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  • Published: Friday, 26 September 2014 05:18
  • Written by Big Dave
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Oktoberfest 2014 (and other local events that might be of interest)


Date and Time




Saturday 4th October


Swim Smooth



Kings East Grinstead

No charge

Bring pen/paper

Sunday 5th October

8.15am Registration

Horsted Keynes Triathlon

Horsted Keynes

Details at 

Sunday 5th October


Forest Row 5 and 10km Run

Forest Row

Details at

Saturday 11th October

Briefing 8.45am

Start 9.00am


Treasure Run

Part Hunt, part Run, all fun!

Kings East Grinstead

Individual or team – hunt out the clues around the area and win a prize!  

Sunday 12th October


2nd Sunday Bike Ride

Club members and friends welcome

Kings East Grinstead

2 hours/25 mile social road ride around the local area - no racing!

Saturday 18th October

Mountain Bike session

£2.50 pay on arrival

Bike hire extra if req.

Deers Leap Centre

East Grinstead

Skills, Thrills and Spills!

An hour or so of muddy fun!

Wednesday 22nd October 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Charity Quiz Night

Confirm attendance to

Richard Cooney by 20th Oct

07554 113839 or

Tirana Indian Restaurant


£15.00 per head

Teams of six – either sort in advance or join on night

Saturday 25th October



Obviously just a good-hearted social fun game-all welcome!

Sports field

Kings East Grinstead

Liz McLennan is in charge so play nice!

Sunday 26th October


East Grinstead Aquathon

(500m swim/5k run)

Kings East Grinstead

£18.00 (BTF £14.00)

Enter @ or volunteer to help – contact Pete Holley

Weekly News 2 October 2014

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  • Published: Thursday, 02 October 2014 14:33
  • Written by Big Dave
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Great turnout at Hever from the team in assorted purples and flesh tones (thanks Sally Ann!) with several tri-virgins and/or making their debuts at longer distances as well as some of their offspring! Of the many fantastic performances I’d pick out Kelly Jarvis 5:56 in the Gauntlet (Middle distance) for 8th overall in the Ladies and a mere 16 minutes behind Tim Lucas – bet you were worrying Tim? Kelly’s fella led home a host of EGTC’s in the Olympic distance race all of whom obviously raced hard to get ahead of SAH’s tri suit wardrobe malfunction! Hurry up with the kit order Louise, the club’s reputation is at stake!

Meantime, in another part of the world, Tim Coogan was completing an even tougher Half distance race at Wasdale Tri including Hardknott Pass – 9 hours of superhuman effort, fantastic!

Whether or not I’ll be putting in quite that amount of effort @ Horsted Keynes on Sunday morning or not is debatable (actually its not – I won’t) although I’m sure Noel, Emily and others competing will be? Why not come along and “support”?

Your support is also required for the first event in this years Oktoberfest with a Swim Smooth video session in the Pavilion @ Kings on Sat 4th 9.00am – Steve Boyne taking the lead on this I believe whilst le Petit General moves house (Barbie and Ken wanted the other one back I’m told?).  Please also support both the Quiz Night on Wed 22nd – contact Richard Cooney  and the East Grinstead Aquathon (Sun 26th) – contact Pete Holley

That’ll probably do for this week?

Weekly News 25 September 2014

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  • Published: Thursday, 25 September 2014 08:38
  • Written by Big Dave
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Lots to get through this week so stopping messing about at the back there and pay attention!

Congratulations to Val McLaren who completed the Dart 10k swim event a couple of weeks ago – what is it with all this long distance OW swim stuff people? More recently, Richard Smith 2nd @ EG10k with Liz McLennan surprising herself (but nobody else) with a great 3rd female result – brilliant performances by all the EGTC marshals as well and sorry I missed it! The draw for places in the EG Tri (10 May 2015 to remind you) will take place shortly under controlled conditions and the unbiased eye of Mr Chairman!

On the same day, James Ryan was just pipped into 4th place overall at Crawley Sprint Tri although he did win the old boys over 40 prize – quicker T2 next time James? (The results also seem to indicate the racing presence of a certain “Super Dunk” but as this seems unlikely /fanciful I’ll be demanding independent proof!)

Good Luck to all those off to Hever this weekend! I’d suggest getting your monies worth by taking your time but…..

Oktoberfest is fast approaching with the first session on Sat 4 October in the Pavilion at 9.00am. A great session on Swim Smooth that will help you understand the training sessions that will follow through the Autumn/Winter – so be there and get the most out of the next few weeks swimming! The next day, Sun 5th why not support either Horsted Keynes Tri or the Forest Row 5 and 10k races I expect you’ll find plenty of club mates at either? More details on other activities during Oktoberfest will be posted on the club web site as well as hard copy on the noticeboard at Kings.

Please remember to support the EG Aquathlon on Sun 26 October based at Kings. Entries via the club website or maybe volunteer a couple of hours to marshal? Pete Holley will be glad of your company/support and has even been known to supply coffee!

See, all over very quickly (now where have I heard that before?)

Train safe (if at all?)