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Newsletter 19 January 2018

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  • Published: Friday, 19 January 2018 11:11
  • Written by David Pawsey
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A very quick one from me today. First of all, a reminder that we will be holding a Committee Meeting at 9am at King’s tomorrow.

Anyone who has any thoughts on how the running of the club can be improved, or is just interested to find out more how they can get more involved, please come and join us.

An agenda for tomorrow, and minutes from the previous meeting, can be found on the website.

I understand that there were issues accessing documents from Apple devices but this has now been resolved.

In other news it was fantastic to see so many people attending the core and run session last week, so thanks for the support. And if you didn’t make it don’t worry we can squeeze still squeeze in a few more.

There won’t be a coached run session this week but please don’t use that as an excuse – East Grinstead Park Run is just round the corner and I know several members will be taking part as usual.

Don’t forget next Sunday is the Vale Gallop, the first event in the Winter GP, so if you haven’t entered already you can do so here.

Train safe,


PS If you have any news to share with the club please email me at or if you have any suggestions you would like to make privately please email

Newsletter 12 January 2018

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  • Published: Friday, 12 January 2018 12:37
  • Written by David Pawsey
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After overloading your heads and diaries with information over the last few weeks I’ll try and keep this one relatively short (particularly as this is the second time I’ve written this as the first version didn’t save. The wonders of modern technology eh?!)

First of all (after recovering from my violent rage, retrieving my laptop from the garden, reglazing the office window and rewriting this email), it was great to see so many of you at core last week. I was certainly feeling the “benefit” for the rest of the week. So much so, I’ll be back for more this week.

This week’s run “force” session will involve plyometrics - jumps, hops & bounds which develop elastic strength in muscles (so you can run faster, stronger, quicker). Perfect practice for the Vale Gallop! 

If you are yet to attend a run session (yes I’m talking to you!) then you are doing yourself a disservice. The training you put in now will certainly pay dividends when it comes to racing season.

If you are shy about coming because you feel your running prowess isn’t up to scratch then you have nothing to worry about.

The sets are created to cater for all abilities and “force” sessions in particular involve laps or staggered hill sets so running speed and ability should not be a concern (as I like to demonstrate!).

Finally, next week (20 January) is our next committee meeting. If you would like to know more about the inner workings of the club or have any suggestions please come along.

Minutes from our previous meeting are available on the website, as is the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

I think that covers everything (so expect another email containing all the information I’ve forgotten to include imminently) so in the words of the great and the good – train safe and hopefully see you tomorrow.

PS Another swim smooth focused set tomorrow so bring your toys if you have them!

Weekly news 5 January

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  • Published: Friday, 05 January 2018 13:45
  • Written by David Pawsey
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First of all, Happy New Year to you all.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are now ready to get back into training and smash your triathlon goals.

In what I’m sure will become a regular feature (“That’s not my name!”) I’d like to apologise to Matthew Sargent, who it turns out isn’t actually called Mark.

Matthew was one of the intrepid souls who ventured out on Boxing Day but as you may have now guessed I referred to him as Mark in last week’s newsletter. So apologies once again Matthew!

With the start of the New Year a lot of you will be planning your events for the year.

If you have not yet decided which races to enter, we’d love to point you in the direction of the Triathlon England South East (TESE) Region Club Senior Series.

You can find more information on the British Triathlon Federation website but if you are too lazy, I have saved you the trouble by copying and pasting the following text:

“The Senior Series comprises four team competitions and consists of 6 events from around the South East region, with the best club team score from 3 events counting, except the ‘mob’ competition where all six events count.

“More than ever it is about taking part and representing your local club over a few talented individuals dominating events.

"For Clubs to be represented by their members in the TESE Region Club Senior Series with the following competitions:

A trophy for the club with the best female team
A trophy for the club with the best male team
A trophy for the club with the best mixed team
A trophy for the club who has the best ‘mob’ attendance."

Unfortunately EGTri’s participation in these events has dwindled in recent years but this is something we would love to put right this year.
To clarify, you don’t have to enter every event but it would be great to have as many of us as possible involved in as many events as possible.

As stated above this is more about representing the club than just sending two or three of our best triathletes. So if any of the events take your fancy, then get your entry in and let the committee know.

Saturday 28th April Medway Duathlon 

Sunday 20th May Arundel Lido Sprint Triathlon 

Sunday 10th June Dartford & White Oak Sprint Triathlon 

Saturday 23rd June Leeds Castle Sprint Triathlon (which is in Kent, not Leeds!)

Sunday 5th August Bewl Water Standard Triathlon 

Sunday 2nd September Southwater Relays 

And while you have your diary out, don’t forget about the Vale Gallop 10k on the 28th January (the first event in the Winter GP) and of course, the most important date in the club’s calendar – 13th May – when we need as many of you as possible to muck in and ensure we retain the reputation of putting on one of the best races in the South East.

That’s all for now, apart from reminding you to renew your membership before the renewal discount expires on 31st Jnauary and most importantly, to train safe.

David Pawsey
Club Communications Officer

PS If you have any queries, suggestions or news you would like to share with the club please email

Weekly news: Extra! Extra!

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  • Published: Friday, 05 January 2018 16:59
  • Written by David Pawsey
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A quick reminder from the coaching team that you will need fins for tomorrow's swim set.

The next two swim sessions (6th Jan and 13th Jan), will be more geared towards technique albeit with plenty of swimming to practice the techniques too. This will give the coaches the opportunity to give individual feedback to members.

These sessions will set the general focus for the next few months of swimming.

Since October we have been mostly working on posture, balance, coordination and breathing.

The focus on the next few months is predominantly going to be on hand entry, catch, and pull through the water.

See you tomorrow and don't forget your fins! 


PS If you are a new member and don't own fins don't panic as we have club spares that you can use.

Weekly news 29 December 2017

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  • Published: Friday, 29 December 2017 13:41
  • Written by David Pawsey
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What year is this?! Who’s the President?!

If like me you’re rather confused by this week then I can confirm that it is Friday today (yes, I was as surprised as you) which means that it’s time for the weekly newsletter.

First of all, well done to Mark, Tracy, Liz and Dave for putting the revelry aside for a morning and taking on the Turners Hill Boxing Day run.

It was also great to see the legendary former member that is Vince Golding, who still shows no signs of slowing down.

Unfortunately, man flu kept me on the side lines but just about left me able to raise my arms and take a few photos which can be seen on the Facebook group.

However, there is plenty of opportunity to run off the seasonal overindulgence in January as, hot off the presses we have the month’s run sets.

6th January – East Grinstead parkrun
13th January – Hill set
20th January – East Grinstead parkrun
27th January – Aerobic run with skills

In addition to this there is obviously the first event in the EGTri Winter GP, the Vale Gallop on 28 January, which you can enter here.

And don’t forget that Saturday’s swim, core and run sessions will be held tomorrow as normal.

So on that note, have a fantastic New Year and train safe,