Monday, 19 February 2018

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Newsletter 16 February 2018

So tomorrow is the big one! The infamous Winter GP Swim/Run.

This will take place in the 7.30am swim session and involves a 500m swim straight into a 5km run (well, you can put a t-shirt on if you must) down to the Felbridge Hotel and back - don’t worry there’ll be a clear marker so you know where to turn around.

Due to this event the 7.30am coached swimming session won’t begin until all Winter GP competitors are out of the pool, due to lane availability and there will not be the usual Core Strength and Conditioning session.

So if you don’t intend to take part in the Swim/Run it’s probably best to come to the 6.30am session (and then cheer/hurl abuse at your brave/foolish clubmates).

Or even treat the 6.30am swim set as a warm up for the main event?!

In a very bizarre and concerning twist to normal proceedings it’s meant to be sunny tomorrow. Surely that can’t be right?! It always snows on Swim/Run day!

Unfortunately, I’m facing a late fitness test so may not be competing myself but hope to be there to cheer you all on and take some photos. 

On the subject of photos, some of you will have noticed that I had my camera with me and took some shots of the swim, core and run sessions last week. 

We want to regularly update the website and the more public Facebook page with images that show what a friendly, inclusive club we are and demonstrate, dare I say it, that being an elite, stick thin athlete is certainly not a requirement to join!

I have attached the photos I plan to use, so if you can see yourself in them but are not happy for them to be on public display please let me know. 

I will try and make it as clear as possible when I am taking photos (the camera will be an indicator!), and get your permission to use your image, but it’s probably easier if you can inform me that you’d prefer not to be included for future publicity purposes.

On a separate note, congratulations to Andy Peel who recently received his "Level 1 British Triathlon Coaching qualification".  

 In case you were wondering a Level 1 coach is:

• expected to have the skills to manage and deliver sessions on their own, often without guidance from more senior coaches. 

• understand the basics of session plans, and can modify pre-prepared sessions as provided by British Triathlon or more qualified coaches.

• understand the basic drills and techniques of the sport and have sound basic teaching and coaching skills, so they can provide generically targeted coaching sessions that engage participants.

 In Andy’s words: “Following qualification I was “rewarded” with the early swim shift last Saturday and have a few turbo sessions coming up.  

“I have always been appreciative of the time and skills of the EGTC coaches from whom I’ve learnt a heck of a lot over the past 10 years and looking forward to giving something back.”

So congratulations to Andy and this is probably a good opportunity to thank all the coaches who give up their valuable training time to not only conduct coaching sessions but for the many “behind the scenes” hours they put into creating the sessions.

And all for nothing but our gratitude and respect!

But, hang on. I’ve got a fantastic idea.

What would be a great way of thanking the coaches and club committee for the effort they put in? 

By contacting Joan Wingfield ( to let her know how you can assist on putting on the EG Triathlon wich takes place the weekend of 12-13 May.

Thanks to all those that have already got in touch (and it may be all of you, I haven’t had a chance to get an update from Joan this week, so apologies if we’re all sorted) but we can’t put on the race without your support.

We understand that you may have unavoidable commitments that weekend but don’t worry, there is plenty of work that needs to be put in over the next few months. 

We are in the process of putting together all the promotional material so please let us know if you can help spread the word – as I’ve mentioned before, just posting a link to the race entry website (this one on your Facebook once a week is a big help.

But if you don’t have a Facebook profile just smacking a colleague over the head with a notepad until they sign up is equally effective.

So on that note, Train Safe and I hope to see you tomorrow.


Newsletter 9 February 2018

Next Saturday is one of the most exciting dates in the EGTri calendar. The Winter GP event that really separates the wheat from the chaff; the event that guarantees that it will start snowing; the event that sees London Road residents perform Roger Moore Bond era style double takes as they open their curtains to see scantily clad men and women charging up and down the street.

Yes, it’s the infamous 500m swim straight into a 5kish run down to the Felbridge Hotel and back.

Are you excited? I certainly am.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Last week was the second event in the Winter GP – the 1km swim time trial.

Well done to everyone that took part. Personally (amid scurrilous accusations of drafting) I was delighted to take six seconds of my PB that has stood since 2015.

But this wasn’t enough to grab the elusive Chairman’s Special Prize that has remained tantalisingly out of my grasp for the last five years.

And this public narcissistic proclamation has probably ensured that it will remain out of my grasp for another five years. Anyway this newsletter isn’t (apparently!) all about me, so I guess I’d better let you all know who has scooped the CSP for both last week’s swim and the previous week’s Vale Gallop.

So without any further ado, the CSP from the Vale Gallop goes to Rich Traynor – fantastic to see Rich back!

CSP from the 1km swim goes to Dave Watmore, for demonstrating the greatest negative split in his time, with a small range in his pacing.

Special mention also goes to Darren Le Grand and Tash Hope (who was also the fastest female with a time of 16 mins 9 secs) for consistent pacing, with less than five seconds between their fastest 100 and slowest 100.

And it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that the fastest swim of the day went to Tim Coogan, with a time of 14 mins 12 secs.

This week it’s back to a normal swim set and I have noticed this will require t-shirts (obviously don’t wear your best Gucci!), fins and pull buoys. So make sure you have what is required (although club pull buoys and fins are available).

The run session is a hill set on Coombe Lane. These sets are tailored to ALL abilities. If you are new to running or feel as though your fitness has dropped off in recent months please do still come along.

We all go at our own pace and you can either walk or slowly jog on the downhills. The faster runners just get further up the hill on each set and/or do a few more sets, so you don’t need to worry about getting left behind. You will thank me for cajoling you into coming when we hit race season!

In other news, please don’t forget about the 80s fancy dress party at the Yoghurt Rooms on Saturday 24th February that social secretary Jane Roberts is drumming up support for. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to speak to you about it tomorrow between core/the second swim set and the run session.

And there’ll be an extra incentive to stick around for a chat tomorrow. You may have see on the Facebook group that yesterday was my 40th birthday (yes, this newsletter is all about me!)

I received the most amazing birthday cake from my family. However, I can’t eat it all on my own so will be bringing some for you all to enjoy tomorrow (well, first come, first served).

On that note, see you tomorrow and please train safe!


PS If you are on Facebook please make sure you join the BRAND NEW members group by clicking on this link here

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Newsletter 26 January 2018

A bit of a long one, with lots of important news so please read until the end!

So it’s the weekend you’ve all been eagerly awaiting – the start of the Winter GP with the Vale Gallop on Sunday 28th January.
For new members this is a series of events that enables you to gauge your fitness so you’ve got a set of results to inspire and motivate your training throughout the season and beat the following year.
Well, OK, it’s that time of year when you try and get one over your fellow team mates with some “friendly” rivalry.
The full schedule of events can be found in the "members area" of the website under Winter GP but other than the Vale Gallop (which you should have entered by now) it’s the opportunity to take part in EGTri organised races that you don’t have to pay for – and who doesn’t like free stuff?!
And speaking of new members a very warm welcome to Sophie Freeland, Alex Hale, Stephen Connery and Matt Goddard who have all joined us in recent weeks.

We hope you have already received a warm physical welcome along with this digital one.
Moving on to more established members - huge congratulations goes to Val Mclaren for her amazing performance at the South East Master Long Course Championships which was recently held at the K2 Centre in Crawley.
Her results as follows:
400m free pb of 16 seconds 3rd place
200m free pb of 8 seconds 4th place
100m free 3rd place
50m free 2 100th of a second away from a pb 3rd place. 

Well done Val!
As most of you are aware we are going through a period of transition at the club with a change of guard among committee positions. So I’m delighted to announce that Jane Roberts has taken on the role of Social Secretary (and will be ably assisted in this role by Stephen Osborne).
So thanks to both Jane and Stephen for volunteering to take on social responsibilities – it’s this type of support that keeps the club going.
If she hasn’t already “suggested” you enter, Jane is extremely keen for as many of us as possible to enter the Swim First Tri Sprint Triathlon.
Not only is this a very local race but is also a highly manageable distance for anyone looking to take on their first event.
More details can be found here and you’ll be greeted by an incredibly sexy picture of Jane’s husband, Mr Friendly himself, Keith Roberts.

So it’s worth checking out the website just for that alone.
As I have mentioned the strength of the club is dependent on the support it receives from volunteering members.
This is most important for the EG Triathlon that we put on each year (and is now in its 33rd year).

I’m sure you have already blocked out the dates but just a reminder that we do require as much support as we can get over the weekend of 12-13th May.
We understand that we do all have commitments outside of the club but this is why we give you as much notice as possible. We have built up a reputation for putting on a well marshalled, smooth operating race but we can’t do it without you.
So please keep that weekend free for setting up on the Saturday (which is generally finished by 11am) and race day - it truly is a case of many hands make light work as it's astounding how quickly we can get things set up and taken down on the respective days.

It's my favourite weekend of the Triathlon calendar, mainly because all that clapping convinces my step counter that I've walked miles and miles.
Also please put yourself forward for a marshalling spot and feel free to spread the word with your triathlon friends who may want to enter – perhaps just by posting a link to entries on your Facebook page?
Finally, we are looking to fill the treasurer position on the committee.
Unfortunately Michael Diebel has had to step down sooner than he intended for personal reasons.
I’m sure you’ll join me in thanking Michael not only for his dedication to so much of the work that goes unseen in the running of the club and race but his welcoming, cheerful presence every Saturday, whether he’s swimming or not.
While he will be taking a break from the club and training he still remains very much a part of the EGTri family.
So we are looking for someone to take on the role as treasurer, which is a position we need to fill as soon as possible.
Experience in holding a similar position, dealing with finances (whether professionally or in a volunteer capacity) would be of huge benefit, so please email the committee if this is you and you would like to know more.
Train safe,

Newsletter 2 February 2018

So it’s all about the Winter GP this week, which kicked off in glorious style on Sunday at the Vale Gallop. First of all, it was great to see so many EGTri members involved, with 19 of us taking part.
Putting the Winter GP aside huge congratulations to Kat Parkin as the 2nd female finisher out of the entire pack (in a time of 52 mins 45 secs) and Lance Quirico for finishing in 2nd place in the veterans’ age group (in a time of 50 mins 4 secs).

Right, so let’s get down to the main business! The first EGTri finisher was Roger Taylor in an astonishingly quick time of 44 mins 38 secs, followed by Mr Chairman Tom Lees (46 mins 6 secs) and Matthew Sargent (47 mins 37 secs).

First female finisher was (you guessed it!) Kat Parkin followed by Karen Mycock (who finished bang on 57 mins) and Rachel Webber, who crossed the line in 59 mins 3 secs.

So what does this mean for the overall results and age groups in the Winter GP? Well to be honest I have no idea and I’ll leave that to someone more intelligent than me and a more detailed breakdown will be available on the website soon (probably after the Time Trial swim), including the announcement of who claimed the Chairman’s special prize.

From my point of view, having not run the event before, it’s certainly the most challenging 10k I’ve ever done and there were some incredibly gutsy and inspirational performances from a number of members.

And in a shameless bit of self-promotion, if you haven’t already seen it on the Facebook group, you can read my race report from my blog here (

And speaking of Facebook groups, after a bit of a false start, a brand new private members only Facebook group has been set up. This is for standard and associate members and means that we can discuss any club business, whether that’s specific training sets or club administration.

You can find the group here If you are a paid up member of the club (which if you’re receiving this email you are!) you will then be added to this clandestine group.

We will still be keeping the original Facebook group (which is now called the “Friends of East Grinstead Triathlon Group”) and want to encourage you to use it as it does help to give insight into the club and recruit new members.

However there were a few issues with it.

To start with the “owner” of the group is no longer a member of the club which means the Committee has limited control of it.

Secondly, while it is a “closed group” at various points race organisers, other businesses and non-club members have been added. While we want to be an open club, encourage new members and let triathlon related organisations contribute to the group we also want a forum to discuss club-related matters that we feel non-members shouldn’t be privy to.

As a result we will publish a condensed version of the newsletter, and other content about the club, on the website and other social media channels, as it’s an effective means of spreading the word about what a fantastic club this is and growing the membership.

And on that note, you will see a bit of a push in race promotion in the coming weeks and months.

Perhaps the most effective promotion tool is YOU, our wonderful club members, so please tell your friends to enter (whether they’ve done 100 triathlons or none at all), post the race entry link on your personal Facebook profile (this one and spread the word on Twitter.

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that it takes place on 13th May because you’ve already got that weekend clearly marked in your diary, haven’t you?

In the next week we’ll be contacting local Tri clubs offering them their very own wave if they get 12 or more members to enter. If you do have friends at other Tri clubs, there is no harm in giving them a head’s up about this exciting initiative (and we already have several takers).

Just to clarify this doesn’t mean we all stand at the side of the pool and wave at them, it means they all get to set off at the same time!

Spaces are already filling up fast but being the competitive bunch that we are we want to see if we can beat previous records for selling out entries – so get shouting from the rooftops.

And speaking of competitiveness… Saturday is the second event in the Winter GP the 1km swimming time trial. This will take place in both swimming sessions.

If you don’t want to take part in the TT then it’s a set of 10 x 100m on CSS pace (25 secs rest) but please avoid causing interference for those who are doing the GP event.

Finally, Social Secretary extraordinaire Jane Roberts is organising the first of what I’m sure will be many get togethers. It’s an 80s Disco (with a live band) being held on Saturday 24th February at the Yoghurt Rooms, Busses Farm, Harwood Lane, RH19 4NL.

This starts at 7.30pm, costs just £10 and includes hot food in the entry price. What more could you ask for?

It’s being organised by someone who has volunteered their services for the race on quite an epic scale so well worth our support to return the favour. Speak to Jane for more information.

Right, my fingers need a rest!

Train safe and see you in the pool tomorrow,


Newsletter 19 January 2018

A very quick one from me today. First of all, a reminder that we will be holding a Committee Meeting at 9am at King’s tomorrow.

Anyone who has any thoughts on how the running of the club can be improved, or is just interested to find out more how they can get more involved, please come and join us.

An agenda for tomorrow, and minutes from the previous meeting, can be found on the website.

I understand that there were issues accessing documents from Apple devices but this has now been resolved.

In other news it was fantastic to see so many people attending the core and run session last week, so thanks for the support. And if you didn’t make it don’t worry we can squeeze still squeeze in a few more.

There won’t be a coached run session this week but please don’t use that as an excuse – East Grinstead Park Run is just round the corner and I know several members will be taking part as usual.

Don’t forget next Sunday is the Vale Gallop, the first event in the Winter GP, so if you haven’t entered already you can do so here.

Train safe,


PS If you have any news to share with the club please email me at or if you have any suggestions you would like to make privately please email